Faction AAF
Type Light Attack Jet
Seats One
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed 702 Km/h 195 M/s
Fuel capacity Unknown
Primary armament 20mm cannon
Secondary armament AA missiles (AA loadout)

LGBs (CAS loadout)

Variants CAS, AA
The A-143 Buzzard is the AAF's primary multirole light attack jet.


« The A-143 Buzzard is a single seat, light, multipurpose combat aircraft able to carry a wide range of equipment and weaponry. Possessing seven hard-points, three are located under each wing with one mounted under the fuselage. Close air support armament consists of a 20mm cannon, two Mk2 unguided bombs, two GBU12 laser guided bombs, and Skalpel air-to-ground missiles.
Field Manual


  • The A-143 Buzzard is a modified version of the "L-159 Alca" manufactured by Aero Vodochody.


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