Faction NATO
Type Ground Attack Craft
Seats One
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed ~ 715 km/h
Service ceiling 25,800 m
Fuel capacity 1000 L
Primary armament - 1x Gatling Cannon 30mm (1000 Rnds)
- 6x Macer AGM [Default]
- 4x GBU-12 Guided Bombs [Default]
Secondary armament - 1x Laser Designator
- 2x Shrieker Rocket Pods (7 Rnds AP, 7 Rnds HE) [Default]
- 2x Falchion-22 SRAAM [Default]
- 120x Countermeasures (Flares/Chaff)
Variants None
The A-164 Wipeout is NATO's primary ground attack and Close Air Support aircraft.

Overview Edit

« The A-164 Wipeout is a single-seat aircraft used for close air support and air interdiction. The life-cycle of its predecessor, the A-10, ended in 2030 and the need for replacement grew more important with the rising tension in the Pacific. A limited development budget did not allow for a fresh start, instead the concept of the A-10 was improved with better shape, engines and armaments.
Field Manual

Features Edit


A-164 pylon configuration

The A-164 has ten pylons that support dynamic loadouts.

  • The six wing pylons (1-3, 8-10) support:
    • Falchion-22 (1×)
    • ASRAAM (1×)
    • Scalpel (1×)
    • Scalpel (3×)
    • Shrieker HE (7×)
    • Shrieker AP (7×)
    • DAR (12×)
    • DAGR (12×)
  • In addition to the same munitions that can be loaded onto the wing pylons, the four centreline and fuselage pylons (4-7) support either:
    • GBU-12 (1×)
    • MK-82 (1×)

The targeting pod also has a laser designator that can provide self-designation when used in-conjunction with most of the Wipeout's guided munitions.

Trivia Edit

  • As stated in its Field Manual entry, the Wipeout is directly based on the real-world Fairchild Republic "A-10 Thunderbolt II" attack jet.
  • Although it is based on the A-10, it uses a slightly darker grey paint scheme that is reminiscent of early production models of the Lockheed Martin "YF-22 Raptor".
  • Its engines are also modelled with more acutely-shaped inlets, possibly in an attempt to give the Wipeout a stealthy profile similar to that of the UH-80.

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