The Auto Assault-12 is a shotgun capable of a fully automatic firing mode at 300 rounds per minute, making it an incredibly deadly weapon system in close quarters environments. It can load a range of different cartridges, from pellets to slugs and even High Explosive fragmentation shells.

ION Inc. security contractor Dixon coined the nickname "Matilda" for his favorite weapon.

Appearances Edit

ArmA 2 Edit

The AA-12 is introduced in the ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead expansion, Private Military Company. It is most notably wielded by the Australian contractor Patrick Dixon in the campaign Operation Black Gauntlet. The AA-12 is arguably one of the most powerful weapon infantry weapon in-game due to its full-automatic fire mode and its unique ability to use not only solid slug and shotgun pellet shells but also High Explosive fragmentation rounds, making it effective against cars and even light armored vehicles, such as BRDM-2, and low-flying transport helicopters.

For all its power, the AA-12 in ArmA 2 has one major drawback: its iron sights is too small to be used effectively. This is, however, negated in lower difficulty settings where crosshairs are enabled.

ArmA 2 Edit

Type: Assault Shotgun

First appearance: ArmA 2: Private Military Contractors

Cartridge: 12-gauge

Accessories: Iron sights

Magazines used: Solid slug, pellets or high-explosive fragmentation AA-12 magazines

Equips: Private Military Contractors

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