Altis Armed Forces (AAF)


« In the wake of civil war, the Jerusalem Cease Fire of 2030 mandated the creation of an armed defence force to secure the sovereign territory of The Republic of Altis and Stratis.

Although it officially operates under the observation and training of international peacekeepers, the force remains loyal to the new, hard-line Altis government and acts with de facto judicial and executive authority. However, it is debilitated by an inexperienced command structure and is blighted by widespread corruption.

Limited in scope, the battalion-sized force, led by Col. Georgious Akhanteros, is weighed-down by on-going counter-insurgency operations on Altis and, recently, has reached-out to the international community for additional support including, among others, both the political and militarized wings of CSAT member states and associated private investment companies.

Official ArmA 3 site description

Information (2035)Edit

AAF (Altis Armed Forces) is the main Independent faction of the game which is made up of Altian citizens loyal to the government. The government had a somewhat stable relationship with NATO peacemakers during the early 2030s, which rapidly deteriorated due to the AAF's harsh treatment of civilians and the FIA especially within the timeframe of the Prologue. The government, however, takes support from CSAT who they have considered as a valuable ally and is presumed that they are willing to join the CSAT council.


Most of the AAF's equipment consists of retired NATO systems which are presumed to be given out by NATO after the signing of the Jerusalem Cease Fire of 2030 in order to supply the newly formed AAF.


AAF Troops wear early 21st century US Army ACU-style uniforms patterned in Aegean Digital Green (ADG) camouflage. The standard issue helmet is the old American MICH. While once widely used by NATO special forces and SWAT teams, it lacks in protection compared the improved ECH and the CSAT Protector Helmets. Nonetheless, it provides a cheap and easily attainable asset for military use.

Personal ArmsEdit

The Mk20 series rifle is the standard issue assault rifle for AAF forces (originally used by NATO), and comes in 2 camo patterns (Aegean Digital Green & Khaki) and 2 versions: a standard rifle, a carbine (with optional underslung EGLM) for non-combat personnel such as officers, support personal and vehicle crews. The Mk200 and the Mk18 ABR are the AAF's squad automatic weapon and the standard marksman rifle respectively. AAF's launchers are the PCML at the squad level with the Titan MPRL for AA and the Titan MPRL Compact variant for AT purposes, both of these being assigned to the company level. The ACP-C2 .45 is the standard sidearm for AAF forces with the PDW2000 being associated with rotary and fixed-winged pilots.

Ground ForcesEdit

2015-03-22 00001

Altis Armed Forces ORBAT structure

The AAF's forces are smaller in comparison to CSAT's 24th Mechanized Regiment. The AAF troops are usually referred to by NATO forces as the 'Greenbacks' (due to their use of the ADG camouflage pattern).

The AAF forces are under the command of Colonel Georgious Akhanteros.

Motorized, Mechanized & Armored AssetsEdit

AAF forces use the German produced "Fennek", designated Strider, as their standard amphibious ground utility vehicle. An unarmed model along with two armament packages can be deployed, while all possess a periscope with thermal imaging and a laser marker. Zamak transport trucks fill the the role of transport and multirole logistics platforms, carrying anything from infantry to fuel, ammunition or maintenance equipment. The AFV-4 Gorgon is operated as a mainline wheeled IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) sporting Titan ATGM launchers, with the FV-720 Mora being a tracked alternative; both are equipped with an autocannon. AAF heavy armor units field the MBT-52 Kuma (designation for the German "Leopard 2") as a main battle tank, however no further supporting assets such as mobile Indirect Fire Support or Mobile AA units are utilized.

Air AssetsEdit

AAF forces mainly use old BAF (British Armed Forces) helicopters with upgrades. The WY-55 Hellcat is the AAF's main multipurpose helicopter the comes in two variants of unarmed and armed (miniguns & rocket pods) with the ability to transport a small contingent of personnel. The CH-49 Mohawk is the main transport and utility helicopter of the AAF.

AAF's primary fixed-winged asset is that of the A-143 Buzzard which is a light multipurpose attack aircraft that can carry one of two armament packages (AA & CAS). It's air superiority asset is the A-149 Gryphon that is also designed as a multi-role platform, but unlike other air superiority fighters, it is capable of performing well at low altitude flight.

Naval AssetsEdit

AAF's naval assets are limited to small craft in comparison to NATO's naval force that consists of a fully fledged Navy with multiple vessels. The AAF use the assault boat for rescue and fast-attack roles with the speedboat being used for coast guard and special operations due to its armament of a remote grenade launcher and minigun. Altian maritime vehicles are mostly painted in Aegean Digital SPC (ADS) camouflage pattern.



  • The ARMA 3 sites description of the AAF only being a battalion sized force seems illogical as the ORBAT states that they have at least 2 regiments (1st Regiment & 3rd Regiment). However, due to the size of these regiments (4-5 companies including a command element in 1st Regiment and the Air Wing), they are actually battalion sized. This would make the AAF as a whole a regiment sized force.
  • Altough not explicitly, the AAF seems to be loosely based on the Armed Forces of Malta, Cypriotic National Guard and the Hellenic Armed Forces. All of them are mediterranean armed forces with their equipment coming from American, British and other european countries.


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