« AGS-30 automatic grenade launcher was developed as a lightweight alternative to the already proven and successful AGS-17. This weapon is used mostly for infantry fire support and can be installed on vehicles.
Armoury Description

AGS-30 30 mm
Faction - CDF
- Russian Armed Forces
- Takistani Army
Type Automatic Grenade Launcher
Caliber 30 mm
Variants None
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The AGS-30 is a 30 mm automatic grenade launcher that is used by both the CDF and ChDKZ insurgents, the Russian Armed Forces, as well as with the Takistani Army in ArmA 2.

Overview Edit

The AGS-30 is a static automatic grenade launcher that is designed to launch caseless 30 mm grenade rounds.

It has a maximum fire rate of up to 150 rounds per minute, and a muzzle velocity of 185 m/s. The AGS-30's optical sight cannot be used in conjunction with night vision, but has a magnification strength of 1.6x zoom. Static AGS-30 AGLs always feed from a single pre-loaded 29-round high-explosive (HE) grenade belt, and have a further five more boxes left spare.

The AGS-30 is essentially the direct counterpart to the American-made MK 19. Both have the exact same dispersion, rate of fire, and a similar maximum effective range of 1,500 metres. The main difference with the AGS-30 is that it fires smaller 30 mm grenade rounds that hit harder (though the difference is practically negligible).

Its grenade rounds do travel slower however, mostly due to the AGS-30's lower muzzle velocity of just 185 m/s versus the MK19's 240 m/s.

Though its low-mount does restrict the gunner's firing arc and obstructs their vision if the AGS-30 is assembled behind taller objects, it reduces their profile and makes them not only harder to see from afar, but harder to hit as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Like most pre-Operation Arrowhead static weapons, AGS-30s used by in-game CDF and Russian forces cannot be disassembled into a man-portable backpack form.
    • This is because the ability to dismantle/reassemble static weapons was only added with the release of the expansion pack, and was not retroactively applied to the original ArmA 2 static weapons (as none of the pre-expansion pack units are able to carry backpacks in the first place).
  • The in-game AGS-30 is incorrectly called by its manufacturer name instead of being designated by its real GRAU index code of 6G25.

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