Little Bird
Faction U.S. Army
Type Light Attack Helicopter
Seats Armed only: 2 seats:
  • 1× Pilot
  • 1× Co-Pilot
Item capacity All variants: Max:
  • 3× Weapons
  • 20× Magazines
  • 1× Backpack

AH-6X only: Max:

  • 5× Backpacks
Top speed ~ 202 km/h
Service ceiling ~ 5,000 m
Fuel capacity 1000 L
Primary armament Armed only:
  • 2× M134 7.62 mm
  • 2× Hydra 70 Rocket Pods
Secondary armament Armed only:
  • 60× Countermeasures (Chaff/Flare)
Variants AH-6X, MH-6J Little Bird

The AH-6J Little Bird is a light attack helicopter exclusively used by U.S. Army special forces in ArmA 2. It was added with the release of the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack.


  • Roles:
    • Light gunship
    • Observation
« The AH-6 is an attack variant of the MH-6 Little Bird. It is the single-engine light helicopter used for special operations by the US Army.
The AH-6J is the improved special forces attack version of AH-6, while the AH-6X is an unmanned variant of the AH-6 and is used as a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).
Armoury Description


Developed from the MH-6 light utility helicopter, the AH-6J is a small, versatile attack helicopter that is used primarily as an air support platform for special operations forces.

By default, the AH-6J is always armed with twin 7.62 mm miniguns and 70 mm rocket pods that are fitted onto the stub wings attached onto both sides of the fuselage.

The miniguns feed from a single linked belt that has 4,000 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition, while each rocket pod contains 7 unguided rockets fitted high-explosive dual purpose (HEDP) warheads for a combined total of 14 rockets.

The AH-6J shares the same upside of the MH-6J, namely that its compact design allows it to be fairly nimble. While the AH-6J cannot transport any passengers due to lacking side benches, its main strength lies in that it's armed and can defend itself from ground threats.

The AH-6J is fairly slow for a helicopter of its size, but is similarly just as agile as the MH-6J and can dart in and out of tight airspaces with ease.

The AH-6J also retains the same weaknesses as the baseline MH-6J, namely that it provides almost non-existent protection for both crewmen and remains just as fragile against small arms fire.

Crew Capacity
The AH-6J is only able to transport the pilot and co-pilot. It cannot carry any additional passengers or crew.


Uniquely designed unmanned drone model that lacks any armament aside from an externally attached observation pod.

The pod's camera can switch between normal day and black/white-hot thermal vision modes. It does not carry any countermeasures or defensive avionics, but has an improved infrared scanner that is specifically optimised for detecting ground targets.

(*) The AH-6X is not functional in normal gameplay unless it has been synchronised as being controllable via a UAV Terminal in the mission editor (using the UAV module).



The AH-6J does not have a Missile Approach Warning System and is unable to alert the pilot of incoming missiles that are already locked onto it.


The AH-6J has a Radar Warning Receiver, and will alert the pilot of being locked onto by radar-based targeting systems.


The AH-6J lacks an Infrared Warning Receiver and is unable to alert the pilot of being locked onto by infrared-based targeting systems.


  • The AH-6X's capabilities are notably demonstrated in the Open Season mission for the Operation Arrowhead campaign, where it is used to spot enemy anti-air vehicles for Pierce's AH-64D to hit with his Hellfire missiles.
    • This particular AH-6X is actually scripted so that it will not be fired upon by those vehicles unless it flies above a certain distance. In normal and unscripted gameplay however, the AH-6X will always be engaged regardless of its flying height.
  • The AH-6J remains as the only rotary-wing helicopter to date in the entire series that possesses a dedicated, unmanned drone model.


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