The AH-99 Blackfoot serves as NATO's primary helicopter gunship with the onset of hostilities in the Republic of Altis and Stratis theater.

Faction NATO
Type Gunship
Seats 2 (1 x Gunner, 1 x Pilot)
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed ~278 km/h
Service ceiling ~3,300 m
Fuel capacity Unknown
Primary armament - 1x 20mm Gatling Cannon (1x 1000 Rnds)
- 1x DAGR Guided rocket pods (24 Rnds HEAT)
Secondary armament 240x Countermeasures (Flare/Chaff)
Variants None

Overview Edit

  • Role:
    • Reconnaissance / observation
    • Light gunship
« A two-seat reconnaissance and target designation helicopter used to seek targets for gunships. Even though the construction dates back some time and the program faced cancellation in the first years of the 21st century, the project was finished successfully and the Blackfoot became the first attack helicopter to field stealth technology, which was even applied to the main rotor. The Blackfoot is extremely fast, agile and hard to detect even by contemporary sensors. However it is slowly becoming outdated.
Field Manual

Trivia Edit

  • The Blackfoot is derived from the real-world "RAH-66 Comanche" helicopter.
  • Unlike the Comanche the Blackfoot lacks the ability to use a laser designator.
  • Unlike its CSAT counterpart (the Mi-48 Kajman) the Blackfoot cannot transport infantry.

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