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The AK-12 in reality

The AK-12 is a Russian 7.62mm assault rifle, fielded by Syndikat forces in the region of Tanoa. Firing the 7.62 round, it is an effective assault rifle that provides great firepower. All rifle optics can be mounted as well as a flashlight or NV laser. A suppressor can also be attached to it making it a super-deadly weapon.

The AK-12 also features a variant with a grenade launcher attached to it, the AK-12 GL. Only difference being that it's a bit heavier.

Class arifle_AK12_F


« The AK-12 is a modern assault rifle designed to replace the legendary AK-74 as the general issue weapon for the Russian army. The weapon introduces many improvements over its predecessors: better recoil control, suitable for various ammunition types, compatibility with several accessories, and better ergonomics. This particular version is chambered in 7.62x39 mm, so it trades a bit of accuracy for a bigger punch and better penetration. »

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