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The AK-74 is the successor to the infamous AK-47, resizing its caliber to 5.45 mm, probably in response to the ubiquity of the 5.56 mm NATO round. It is currently one of the most widespread assault rifles in the world and is still used as the primary assault rifle in the Russian Armed Forces among many others. It is due to be replaced by newer versions of the AK or even another original design in the Russian service.

The AK-74 is visually similar to its iconic predecessor with several differences. The most visible modification is the muzzle brake. The muzzle brake drastically cuts the already light recoil of the AK-74 but increases noise and muzzle flash.

Appearances Edit

ArmA 2 Edit

Arma 2 AK-74

A CDF soldier armed with AK-74 rifle

« The AK-74 is the successor to the infamous AK-47, resizing its caliber to 5.45mm, probably in response to the ubiquity of the 5.56mm NATO round. The most visible modification is the muzzle brake. This muzzle brake drastically cuts the already mild recoil of the AK-74 but increases noise and muzzle flash.
ArmA 2 website

The AK-74 is the most widely used weapon in game, with all warring factions (BLUFOR, OPFOR and Independents) having at least one army using the weapon as their standard rifle. Most notably, it is used by the Chernarussian Defense Forces, NAPA guerrillas, Takistani Guerillas and United Nation Peacekeepers as their standard assault rifle, although it can still be found in more limited (albeit still large) numbers in the Chedaki faction, Takistani Army and Militia. As such, the 5.45x39 mm ammunition can be obtained very easily in-game. Practically, infantry groups equipped with AK-74 or similarly-chambered weapons (AK-107 and RPK automatic rifles) could almost never worry about their ammunition supply.

In the standalone expansion for ArmA 2, Operation Arrowhead, the AK-74 gained two new accessories, thermal vision sights and night vision scope, making the rifle all the more robust even in low-light or poor weather conditions.

Arma 3Edit

The AKS-74U makes an appearance in Arma 3's Apex DLC as a 5.45mm assault rifle. It is used by Syndikat.

« The AKS-74U is basically a shortened AK-74, which enabled significant production savings. Like the AK-74, this variant is also chambered in 5.45x39 mm, but its compact dimensions make it suitable for special forces, vehicle crews, police patrols, etcetera. However, the lower muzzle velocity makes the AKS-74U effective up to around 400 meters only. »

Variants Edit


Base variant with tangential iron sights.

AK-74 + GP-25Edit

Arma2-render-AK-74 GP-25

Base variant with GP-25 grenade launcher under the b

AKS-74 KobraEdit

Similar to the base variant, but comes equipped with Kobra weapon sights.


AKS 74-U

A shorter variant of the rifle, normally used by tank crews, pilots and team leaders.

AKS-74UN KobraEdit

Arma2-render-AK-74UN kobra

The silenced version of the AKS-74U with Kobra sights. The main distinction being that it takes in silenced 5.45x39 AK magazines.

In-Game Data Edit

ArmA 2 Edit

  • Cartridge: 5.45x39 mm AK
  • Magazines used: 30-round AK-74 magazines (standard and silenced)
  • Accessories: Iron sights, PSO-1 scope, Kobra dot sights, GP-25 grenade launcher, GOSHAWK thermal scopes, night vision sights, silencer
  • Fire modes: Single - Auto
  • Users: Chernarussian Defence Force, ChDKZ, NAPA, Takistani Army, Takistani Militia, Takistani Guerilla, United Nations

See alsoEdit

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