The AMS (full name: Advanced Marksman Scope) is a high powered, variable-magnification sniper scope. It was introduced with the release of the Marksmen DLC and is primarily used by both NATO forces and CTRG operators.

It has a magnification strength range of 3x-10x and is primarily found attached to designated marksman rifles such as the Mk-I EMR and sniper rifles like the MAR-10.

It has a top mounted red dot sight for use in close encounters. The AMS is available in either a matte black, green khaki, or desert sand finish. Minimum zeroing range is set at 300 m to a maximum of 2000 m for the primary optic, while the backup red dot sight has a fixed zeroing of 200 m.

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  • The red dot sight is directly based on the "Ultradot L/T" designed by Ultradot USA.

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