The ARCO (full name: Advanced Rifle Combat Optics) is a low powered CSAT riflescope featured in ArmA 3.

It has a magnification strength of 2x and is primarily found attached to assault rifles such as the Katiba, although on occasion it can also be seen mounted on designated marksman rifles like the Rahim.

It has a backup red dot sight above the primary optic for use in close quarters combat and is available in three finishes: black, desert sand, and green hexacam. Like its NATO counterpart, the ARCO has a fixed zeroing range of 300 m for its primary optic while the backup red dot sight is set to a zeroing of 200 m.

Trivia Edit

  • The ARCO is based on the real-life "SpecterOS 4x", a combat optical sight made by Canada-based company ELCAN Optical Technologies.
  • The top mount reflex sight on the other hand appears to be based on the "DOCTERsight II plus", a reflex sight manufactured by DOCTER Optics of Germany.

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