« The ASP-1 Kir is a special purpose weapon. This semi-automatic rifle is unique thanks to the built-in silencer and ammunition it uses. The special 12.7x54 mm subsonic round can penetrate heavy body armor at 100 m. Kir is a devastating weapon at short ranges but above 200 m it very quickly loses efficiency. »
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ASP-1 Kir
ASP-1 Kir Marksmen DLC screenshot
Faction CSAT
Type Designated marksman rifle
Caliber 12.7×54 mm
10 Rounds

The ASP-1 Kir is a CSAT 12.7×54mm special purpose designated marksman rifle with integrated suppressor, available by purchasing the Marksmen DLC.

Overview Edit

The ASP-1 Kir is a semi-automatic integrally-suppressed special operations weapon. The rifle is used by CSAT recon teams during covert operations as a discreet short ranged marksman weapon. It is exceptionally powerful especially for a suppressed weapon. The weapon appears to be a heavily modified variant of the Russian VSS Vintorez that was used by the Russian Spetsnaz during the Chernarus Conflict. The concept of the VSS Vintorez's Sub-sonic round has been used on the ASP-1, as it fires a similar round while keeping its power. NATO does not have a similar weapon, although the MAR-10 could quite possibly be used in the same role with similar effectivness. The ASP-1 Kir is not an effective sniper rifle, and should not be used to engage targets more than 150 meters as the sub-sonic round declines very quickly. The DMS scope is one of the best to use with this weapon, as it is the only scope to range down to 100 meters.

Trivia Edit

  • Vsk-vssk

    VKS/VSSK rifle

    The ASP-1 Kir is based on two real world designs; the VSS Vintorez and the VKS sniper rifle, with the difference that the VKS is based on bullpup design. The VKS/VSSK is also chambered with 12.7x55mm and the default STs-130 model comes in 59 gram bullet instead of 49 as the ASP-1 uses: VKS/VSSK rifle system.


  • Here is a special tutorial on how to operate the ASP-1 Kir correctly.
  • The following image document contains real calculations from ballistic calculator, sublimed in range table for the ASP-1 Kir. The assumed parameters for the bullet are combined from the average of the real VKS round with the one ASP-1 employs (for example, the VKS bullet speed counts 290m/s, and the ASP-1 is 300m/s, etc). The real-world round's weight is between 59 and 76 grams (here we assume weight of 49 grams and slightly higher C1 ballistic coefficient of 1.05, from the standard model called STs-130 used for the VKS rifle system). Since there is not much information about this rifle system and it is used in the Russian military as special-purpose, the very same information may be regarded as classified.
ASP-1 range table

12.7x54mm (default) Range Card

It is noticable that the wind effects on this type of bullet does not have much impact, since the weight of the round is higher and the distance of action is lower (not only that we tested on wind speeds around 1-1.5m/s but it wouldn't have also impact with wind speeds of 4-10m/s stronger winds). In the table one can also notice the drop in bullet's energy fast in short range (50-100 meters), which means efficiency drops highly on higher ranges than 200-250m. One can also engage on distances higher than 250m (up to 300-400m), however the aiming will be impaired and the probability of efficient hit is much lower.

The recommended scope for this rifle in Arma 3 is AMS (or DMS and even MOS can be used). The AMS is based on GAP reticle system which counts in MRADs and is intended for middle-distance engagements. The actual system of calculation according to the scope in the table is based on real-world "US Optics" Mil-Scale GAP scope, which is very similar to the AMS in Arma 3.

The zero distance is 100m and the step up distance is calculated to 20m (since the bullet drops at faster rate). For distances lower than 100m and engaging enemies at closer range, the AMS scope contains reflex sight alternative that can be effectively used.

Advantage of this rifle system is that it uses subsonic ammo, which minimizes the probability of detection during engagement. Best recommended distance to use this weapon system is around 150-200m, but it can be used as well as 300-400 meters distance, which requires practice for moving targets (the bullet speed decreases fast, and the time travel increases in milliseconds). The rifle is very powerful and can be used to hit targets through obstacles.

ARMA 3 ASP-1 Range Card

ASP-1 Kir Range Card

  • The following figure represents the total range variable statistics for the bullet 12.7x54mm for ASP-1 Kir particularly for Arma 3 and the settings that are used in-game. However, if one prefers to perfect the shot maximally and target the enemies in the eyes - a combination of this range card info plus the AtragMX and Kestrel devices can be employed.

It is strongly recommended to avoid using scopes with fixed zeroing as ACO, RCO, MRCO because that systems are not flexible with what this rifle requires. For close range combat it can be used with iron sights or red dot / reflex sights. Long range scopes are also inadequate. Another notice that should be taken into consideration is that the rifle is wielded very efficiently using no sights and only laser system for close combat night engagements.

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