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Map of Limnos Island and Stratis.

Overview Edit

The island of Altis, previously known as Limnos, is a Mediterranean island off the eastern coast of Sicily. It is the setting for "The East Wind" and the main island featured in Arma 3.



Location of Limnos off the coast of Sicily in the Armaverse. It is noted that real-world Lemnos is located in the Agean Sea.

Limnos, spreading over an area of 270 square kilometers, is situated in the Mediterranean Sea (35.71, 16.12), and is a strategic location for defense of the Aegean and Ionian Seas. The terrain of its North-Western territory is remarkably uneven, gradually lowering Eastwards into the flatlands; its highest peaks reach almost 400 meters above sea level. The island’s climate is Mediterranean, with particularly strong winds and average temperatures, slightly colder than Greek mainland, mild winters with the occasional seasonal snowfall. The highest peak is Thronos with 350 meters above sea level.

The most inhabited and developed areas can be found on the South-West of the island. The current population (excluding military personnel) is partially scattered amongst the isolated farms and villages, estimated to be approximately 44,000 people.


  • Colonial Flag of Limnos (20th Century)
  • Flag of the Republic of Altis and Stratis (21st Century)
  • Wartime Flag of the Republic of Altis and Stratis (21st Century)

The island played a vital role for many cultures throughout history, with many traces of antique history to be found across the island. Limnos became particularly important to Allied troops during the Gallipoli campaign and later in 1918, when the armistice between the Allies and the Ottoman Empire was signed in the city of Moudros.

In 2020-2030, the island was defended by a weakened contingent of the Altian Armed Forces, elements of which successfully repelled FIA attacks for several years. The island has since been occupied by the Iranian Armed Forces, United States Armed Forces, Hellenic Armed Forces, and the New Altian Army.

Limnos was once a British colony in the 20th century. It gained its independence in 1984 and was renamed to Altis. Altis served as an important joint Italian Armed Forces and Hellenic Air Force base in the Mediterranean from the years of 1991 to 2029. Altis is still inhabited by a majority of the original ethnically Greek populace. When the citizens of Altis were granted complete independence from Greek influence in 2029, the Hellenic Armed Forces turned over much of the control to the AAF. By 2031, the AAF was the sole conventional military force on the island.

Altis bears many scars of the fierce battles between Altian Armed Forces and the Freedom and Independence Army in the early 2030's. In summer 2035, the large airfield and adjacent military facilities served as a base for the Griffin Regiment of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army. The airfield, designated by NATO as Objective-Omega, is a large military installation that contains an air and missile-defense radar station covering Mediterranean and partial Agean airspace.

After the events of "The East Wind", the island is controlled by the New Altian Army. [1]



Flag of the FIA and the New Altian Republic.

The highest population density can be found in the vicinity of Kavala and along the Southwestern coast. The biggest settlement is currently Kavala. The basic infrastructure is mostly decayed due to combat damage and lack of proper maintenance. Limited support is available in the housing of Kavala: electricity, intact sewage systems, drinking water distribution. The local economy is based mainly on direct bartering on local products; mostly vegetables, genetically modified corn and olives, meat and fish. The services are limited, probably strongly dependent on educated or trained individuals; there is a general lack of high tech equipment, medical supplies, clothing and luxury goods. During "The East Wind", Iranian CSAT soldiers were supplied by air and sea; the Altis International Airport provides power generation, water desalination and other life support.

If the player chooses the alternate campaign ending, the majority of the island falls into the hands of hostile forces. Numerous observation posts and checkpoints are rapidly established, many of them in remote parts of the island. Several resistance groups continue hiding in the mountainous regions far from the frequently used routes and military outposts.

In the primary campaign ending, peace is re-established on the islands, the civil war ends, and the New Altian Republic is established. A company from the Hellenic Army is sent to the islands to help establish the New Altian Army while the US troops transition into focus on the Pacific theatre and China.


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