Amphibious Assault is a mission in the Harvest Red campaign.  

It takes place on October 9, 2009, at 06:15.


Following the invasion, ChDKZ (Chedaki) forces are fleeing to the capital of the province, Chernogorsk.  All USMC units are to regroup there ans seize the city. Razor Team should move to that position ASAP.

USMC forces are fighting the CHedaki at the beachhead. Some are resisting, but many fled to Chernogorsk.

Razor Team is to move from their current position to Chernogorsk through no-man's land. Report to Cpt. Shaftor after reaching the field HQ near Chernogorsk.

There is no transport available, move on foot. Engage any Chedaki encountered.

No support available. Elements of the 27th MEU encountered may support you though.


After the mission starts, you are directed to gridref 07612.  There is no special tactic required, simply follow the squad leader and obey his orders until you reach the destination.

Enemy counters are likely to occur:

  • Near the end of the forest, mixed infantry
  • On approach to Prigorodki, mixed infantry
  • After Prigorodki, after "Hang in there guys, nearly there."