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Set in 2035, the ArmA 3 Apex campaign has players take control of a four-man team of CTRG soldiers. The story is set on the South Pacific island of Tanoa.

Summary Edit

Taking place a few months after the events of "The East Wind", the Philippine islands of Tanoa suffers a major disaster when a tsunami devastates the islands. Displacing thousands and the local criminal organization known as Syndikat runs rampant, the situation turns into a humanitarian disaster. NATO forces are sent in for assistance and military exercises; which is being used as a cover for CTRG forces to conduct operations against Syndikat who is killing the local law enforcement, slaughtering the civilians, and smuggling a large quantity of CSAT's military grade weaponry. One of Syndikat's key leaders is a former member of the "Red Tiger" group named Solomon Maru, code named "Warlock", who attempted to topple a North African government through a coup almost a decade ago.

With HUMINT assets "Blue Cap", CTRG is able to disrupt Syndikat operations by destroying ammunition caches, ambush and destroy a convoy en-route to attack a civilian village. Eventually, enough actionable intelligence is gathered to locate "Warlock". CTRG forces raid the location, only to discover "Blue Cap" being tortured. A CSAT-affiliated Chinese special forces unit known as "Viper"; whom main use is for destabilizing operations, arrived to attack CTRG, but they repel and escape the ambush.

Both Raider teams rescue a CTRG operative call-sign "Keystone". After locating and rescuing "Keystone", it is revealed to be Captain Scott Miller; who was previously unknown to be alive or dead after the Stratis incident and what his true intentions were to retrieve the seismic device, code named "Eastwind". CTRG and Miller attempt to extract via boat, but are ambushed as the arriving boat is destroyed and Viper elements assault their position. CTRG and Miller relocate for extraction via Ghost Hawk, but the helo is hit by anti-air before landing, causing the helicopter to break off and escape. CTRG and Miller then proceed to extract from the area by using Raider's original insertion boats that were used to deploy on the island.

After rescuing Miller, Raider elements attack a small black site used by Viper on Sosovu Island. As Raider 2 secures the site, it is revealed that Syndikat has double-crossed CSAT and seized the island and has taken the Eastwind device for themselves as ransom against CSAT.

Raider 1 and 2 track the Eastwind device to the Blue Pearl port where Syndikat is arming it to use. Raider elements attack the port by disabling the main power before assaulting the port. Both Raider teams assault the port where seismic activities have begun, signaling the Eastwind device is being armed. "Warlock" and one of his lieutenants have the disarm codes. Raider 1 secures the secondary code while Raider 2 terminates "Warlock" and secures the main code while fighting CSAT and Syndikat forces. Raider 2 locates and secures the Eastwind device and they must hold off Viper forces. The device is then disarmed and Raider is extracted.

Keystone Edit

Warm Welcome Edit

With the intelligence given by a asset named "Blue Cap", CTRG's Raider teams ambush and destroy a Syndikat convoy that was en-route to slaughter a village before destroying ammo, fuel and multiple CSAT's military grade weaponry.

Firestarter Edit

In a bid to draw out Warlock, Group 15 is sent to destroy a Syndikat weapons depot.

Heart of Darkness Edit

Extraction Edit

24 hours after rescuing Captain Miller, CTRG teams, Raider 1 and Raider 2, falling back for extraction.

Apex Protocol Edit

Raider elements attack a small black site on Sosovu Island used by Viper Team as their base of operations.

End Game Edit

Raiders 1 and 2 find the Eastwind device at one of the island's main ports where Syndikat is arming it to use.

Trivia Edit

  • Events of the Apex Protocol take place in the autumn of 2035 - a few months after the events of "The East Wind".

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