ArmA: Armed Assault
Arma cover
Developer Bohemia Interactive
Publisher 505 Games
Platforms PC
Release dates CZE: 10 November 2006
UK: 16 February 2007
EU:23 February 2007
AU: 8 March 2007
NA: 4 May 2007

ArmA: Armed Assault is a tactical military shooter developed by Bohemia Interactive. It is the first game in the ArmA series, released in late 2006.

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Armed Assault is set in 2006 and surrounds the events of the Sahrani Conflict. The United States Army has stationed troops on the Atlantic island nation of Sahrani in an effort to train soldiers in the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani, loyal to the Kingdom of South Sahrani, in their fight against the communist Democratic Republic of Sahrani to the north. When fighting erupts in the city of Corazol, the American troops must assist in stabilising the region.

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The main campaign is narrated by Private First Class William Porter, one of the few remaining US soldiers still stationed on the island under the command of Captain David Armstrong. Initially, Porter expresses boredom in being stationed on what is essentially an island paradise, attempting to train soldiers more interested in parade marching. However, gunfire is reported in the central city of Corazol and responding troops are engaged by the SLA, sustaining heavy casualties. After retreating to the town of Ortego, the US Army troops regroup and counter-attack but are driven back.

After regrouping in the port of Dolores, Captain Armstrong orders the destruction of all bridges leading into the town, trapping SLA armoured units and allowing US troops to inflict heavy casualties. However, once again the US soldiers are driven further inland, to the village of Somato. While camping in the area, they are attacked in the night by SLA soldiers but are able to drive them back after intense fighting and move on to secure the airfield outside the capital city of Paraíso. However, the SLA counter-attacks with an amphibious assault on the beaches north of the airport.

The United States Marine Corps has arrived at the island but cannot land due to bad weather. Thankfully, the US Army troops are able to hold off the SLA attack long enough to receive air support from the USMC after the storm clears. Operations on Sahrani are taken over by Colonel Davis of the USMC, who leads the counter-attack on Corazol. US Army troops are sent behind enemy lines to pave the way for the USMC ground assault on the city, resulting in a crushing defeat for the SLA.

Prime Minister Torres of the Democratic Republic of Sahrani calls for a ceasefire, to which the Kingdom of South Sahrani agrees; however, SLA troops are witnessed massacring civilians in Cayo and Tiberia on their retreat north. The United States orders the USMC (aided by the remnants of the Army) to invade the northern region of the island and remove Torres from power. After establishing a field base in the Corazol suburb of Modesta, the US troops stage an attack on the city of Obregan. From there, US troops are able to push north past the Republic's capital city of Bagango with the intention of surrounding it, setting up another field base to the north-west, outside the town of Tandag. After assaulting the town of Eponia and wiping out the SLA's mechanized division, the US troops move on the last pocket of resistance in the north: a camp outside Obregan rumoured to also contain a prison.

However, after the US troops assault the region surrounding Obregan, they discover the prison is actually a refugee camp inhabited by survivors from the Cayo massacre. They reveal to the Americans that the Royal Army was responsible for the massacres in Cayo and Tiberia in response for failing to support the king. They go on to say that the King has been responsible for similar war crimes in the past. They beg not to be returned to the Kingdom of South Sahrani, but Colonel Davis is unsure whether or not it is some kind of trap and chooses to ignore them, pressing on with the assault on Bagango. The city falls and Prime Minister Torres is found in the office of the Republican palace with a gun to his head. Unable to commit suicide, he is captured by US forces and imprisoned, officially ending the conflict. With US troops now officially pulling out of the island, the Kingdom of South Sahrani moves to claim the Democratic Republic's territory, wiping out all resistance along the way.

In between missions, the player is also able complete side-missions, known as Auxiliary Operations, to weaken SLA operations in Sahrani.


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