ArmA: Queen's Gambit
ARMA Queen's Gambit cover
Developer Bohemia Interactive
Black Element Software
Publisher 505 Games
Platforms PC
Release dates WW: 28 September 2007

ArmA: Queen's Gambit is an expansion pack to ArmA: Armed Assault. It is a tactical military shooter developed by Bohemia Interactive and Black Element Software. It was released worldwide on 28 September 2007.


Queen's Gambit takes place several years after the events of Armed Assault. Following the sudden death of King Joseph III, his daughter Princess Isabella seizes the throne. However, her brother Prince Orlando leads a rebellion against his sister, and she hires the Black Element private military company to combat the rebels.


Royal FlushEdit

In the Royal Flush campaign, a team of Black Element mercenaries arrives on the island to perform operations at the behest of reigning Queen Isabella.

Rahmadi ConflictEdit

Set immediately after the events of Armed Assault, the United States Marine Corps learns of the last pocket of SLA resistance on the nearby isle of Rahmadi, led by Ramirez. Special Forces operative Sergeant Leon Ortega leads operations against the last of the rebels.


Royal FlushEdit



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Rahmadi ConflictEdit


Kingdom of SahraniEdit

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