Vehicle Game(s) Role Notes
Arma2-logo Attack helicopter - Armed with a 20mm gatling gun, rockets, anti-tank missiles, and air-to-air missiles.
Arma2-OA-logo Light helicopter
« The AH-6 is an attack variant of the MH-6 Littlebird helicopter, which both belong to a family of the single-engine light helicopters used for special operations by the US Army since the Vietnam War. The AH-6X Unmanned Little Bird is a modification to be used as a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). »
AH11 Wildcat
ArmA II BAF Logo Light helicopter
« The AH11 Wildcat is a British multi-purpose military helicopter, successor to well-known AH7 and AH9 Lynx. The armament consists of the CRV7 rocket system and the 20mm automatic cannon, fitted for the role of battlefield utility helicopter, troop transport, or close air support. »
AH-64 Apache
Arma2-OA-logoArmA II BAF Logo Gunship
« The AH-64 Apache is a four-blade, two-seat, twin-engine attack helicopter. The Apache is armed with a 30mm chain gun, guided anti-tank missiles and unguided rocket pods on four hardpoints. The chopper uses the double- and triple-redundant aircraft systems to improve survivability for both the aircraft and crew. »
CH-47 Chinook
Arma2-OA-logoArmA II BAF Logo Utility
« The CH-47 Chinook is a versatile, twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter used by many armies. Its top speed of 315 km/h was faster any comparable helicopter in the 1960s and even many of todays, another key advantage is a comparably high service ceiling, which makes it perfect transport chopper for the Takistani battlefield. The main use of this chopper includes troop movement, artillery emplacement and battlefield resupply. »
Arma2-logo Attack helicopter - Armed with a 30mm cannon, rockets, and anti-tank missiles.
ArmA II PMC Logo Utility helicopter
« The Ka-60 "Kasatka" is a transport and utility helicopter primarily developed for the Russian Air Force. It had its maiden flight on December 24th 1998. The helicopter was intended to replace the Mi-8 and can be used for reconnaissance, transporting a full squad with combat gear and special operations amongst uses.

Specific improvements over its counterparts are performance, reliability and better aerodynamic configuration of the airframe. Critical parts have been tested to survive piercing by 7.62mm and 12.7mm munitions. The main rotor blades can even withstand 23mm projectile hits.

Arma2-logo Utility - Armed with two M240D door-mounted machineguns.
Merlin HC3
ArmA II BAF Logo Light helicopter
« The Merlin HC3 is a British designation for a AW101 medium-lift transport helicopter, capable of carrying two infantry sections to the battle. This helicopter has advanced protection systems, which increase the survivability of the chopper, crew and passengers on the battlefield. »
Arma2-render-Mi17 rockets RU
Arma2-logo Multi-role
« The Mi-8MTV-3 (Hip in NATO designation) is a multirole helicopter used to resupply armed forces or insert special forces units. It can also be heavily armed with guns and rockets. It is often used for air assault, direct air support, electronic warfare, medevac and search and rescue. »
Arma2-logo Attack helicopter

Personnel transport

UH-1Y Venom
Arma2-logo Multi-role
« The UH-1Y Venom is an American medium-size multipurpose utility army helicopter. It is equipped with two external Mk66 70 mm rocket stations and two 7.62 mm miniguns. The UH-1Y is able to carry up to 3 tons of cargo or up to 10 passengers. It can provide close air support missions as well as transportation or reconnaissance. »
UH-60 Black Hawk
Arma2-OA-logo Utility
« The Blackhawk is the US Army’s front-line utility helicopter. The Blackhawks performs well in a variety of roles including troop transport, medical evacuation and even the air support. It is capable of carrying 11 combat equipped soldiers or equal load. »