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ArmA: Armed Assault, is a tactical military first-person and third-person shooter developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio and released in 2006 as a spiritual successor to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. Its successor, ArmA 2, launched in 2009 and received numerous follow-on expansions. The latest game in the series, ArmA 3, released on September 12th, 2013.

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Arma 3's Apex DLCEdit

The new Apex DLC expansion lets players explore the 100 km² South Pacific island archipelago of Tanoa. NATO and CSAT deploy special operations units and expeditionary forces, while the Syndikat and Gendarmerie are brought into the fray. A new co-op campaign, titled "Apex Protocol", has players take on the role of NATO CTRG operators in a 1-4 player, drop-in drop-out campaign. 13 new weapons and additional gear are added to the mix, in addition to ten new vehicles. (Full article)

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