Attention Deficit is a mission in The East Wind.  It is the second part of an operation to rescue Nikos Panagopoulos from Stratis. While Miller heads towards the camp where Nikos is kept, he instructs Kerry to perform a diversion on the southern tip of the island to divert forces away from the prison.


  • Create as much chaos in your area of operation and force the enemy to divert assets south.
  • Meet the extraction boat and leave Stratis.
    • Use the Scuba diving equipment that the extraction unit left for your team.
    • Scuba dive to meet the extraction boat holding a position off the coast.


The main part of the mission is to simply cause as much chaos as possible - hit any targets, and clear sites. You may choose one of four insertion points around the southern tip. Internally, you need to inflict 2000 points of chaos on the enemy within 45 minutes.

Destruction of vehicles, ammo crates and structures produce chaos. The highest-value ones appear to be a lighthouse, the stationary helicopter, and the Strider that reinforces after the initial reports of chaos.

There are four points of interest on the map. First is a camp in the middle of the road north of the lighthouse. Second is a roadblock at a crossroad, third is LZ Connor where a helicopter waits, and fourth is "The Spartan" at the southern tip of the island. Clearing those posts does relatively little chaos compared to destroying things of interest.

Once you've created enough chaos, you will be directed to the extraction point. There is about 5 minutes to reach the extraction point, if exceeded, the boat will leave behind scuba gear and you will have to swim towards the boat.

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