Not to be confused with United States Marine Corps

"Hey, quickly, hop on!"

-The Unnamed Marine before he was killed by either Ed Winters or the Russian Spetnaz team

The Unnamed Marine is a fictional character featured in ArmA 2: Eagle Wing. He isn't called anything by the characters, simply called BLUFOR in the subtitles. He is a US Marine Officer who survived the events in Chernarus and managed to reach the boat in Balota before the arrival of the Russian Spetnaz Team and US Pilot Ed Winters. He is seen in the boat, and upon seeing Ed Winters, he shouts for him to hop on. However, as he doesn't know the way to Utes, the Russian Spetnaz leader orders Winters to kill him. The choice here is left to the player: either kill the marine or run to the boat and hop on. If the player kills the marine, the Leader commends Winters for being able to be trusted; if the player attempts to join the marine and escape, the marine is shot and killed by the Spetnaz team, with the leader warning Winters that they will kill him if he attempts a similar action in the future.

Appearance Edit

The Unnamed Marine wears a generic combat uniform with a utility cover hat.

Exploits Edit

Through exploits to get ahead, it is possible to actually join the marine on the boat and escape Chernarus. However, this doesn't actually count as an ending.

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