The BRDM-2 (Боевая Разведывательная Дозорная Машина, literally "Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle") is a Soviet/Russian wheeled reconnaissance vehicle. It is one of the most widely-used light armored vehicle in ArmA 2. Armed with a 14.5 mm KPV machine gun as well as a 7.62 mm PK secondary machine gun from the turret, it is a powerful against infantry and unarmored vehicles.

Arma2-render-BRDM2 GUE
Faction CDF
Type Light armor
Seats Driver + Gunner + 2 passengers (4 total) (BRDM-2)
Driver + Gunner (BRDM-2 ATGM)
Item capacity None
Top speed Unknown
Fuel capacity Unknown
Primary armament 1 × 14.5 mm KPVT heavy machine gun (500 rounds) (BRDM-2)
5 × 9M113 Konkurs (AT-5 Spandrel) anti-tank missile launcher (10 missiles total) (BRDM-2 ATGM)
Secondary armament 1 × PKT 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun (1500 rounds) (BRDM-2 only)


Overview Edit

« The BRDM-2 is an armored, four-wheel-drive, amphibious reconnaissance vehicle. Its crew consists of a driver, co-driver, commander and gunner. The armament consists of a 14.5mm KPV heavy machine gun with a 7.62mm machine gun as a secondary weapon. Its armor is intended to protect the crew against small-arms fire and artillery shrapnel.
Official ArmA 2 site description

The BRDM-2 is somewhat similar to the American HMMWV in terms of in-game role, power and versatility. It carries more troops and is better armored than the open UAZ jeeps, can be armed with anti-tank missiles and can be turned into a utility/command vehicle.

History Edit

The BRDM-2 was developed in the 1960's to address the shortcomings of its predecessor, BRDM-1. It became fully armored and armed similarly to the BTR-60 APC. In Soviet tank regiments, the BRDM-2 acted as the scout, going far ahead of the main body to relay information to the regimental command.

Today, the BRDM-2 is still widely used. It remained in service with many former Soviet nations as well as Soviet and Russian allies. Some countries, such as Poland and Czechoslovakia, even created their own versions of the BRDM-2. In the United States, BRDM-2 is used to simulate OPFOR vehicles.

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ArmA 2 Edit

In ArmA 2, the BRDM-2 is a formidable light vehicle. It is invulnerable to small arms (except for the unprotected tires) but its armor can be pierced with heavy machine guns. It can also defend itself against low-flying aircraft and helicopters using its heavy machine gun. These weapons makes the BRDM-2 a powerful infantry support vehicle when APC and tanks are not available. It is also widely used by all Chernarussian and Takistani factions.

The anti-tank version of the vehicle carries several AT-3 anti-tank missiles in place of the machine guns, which, combined with its speed and agility, makes it useful to harass or ambush enemy vehicle convoys.

Variants Edit

  • "Standard"

The standard version is armed with the two machine guns mentioned previously. It can also carry troops into battle.

  • ATGM

The anti-tank version forgoes the machine gun turret and replaces it with AT missile launchers. It also looses its troop transport capability.

  • Command Vehicle

The command version is unarmed but can be deployed as a command center.

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