Beaten Dog is a campaign mission in ArmA: Armed Assault.  It has two supporting auxillery missions, Direct Hit and Sniper and Convoy.

It takes place on June 11, 2006, at 4:37.


Repel the enemy attack from the North and join forces with the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani (Codename Marble) to regain control of Corazol.

We are positioned North of the city of Ortego.

  • Hold your position and defeat the enemy attack
  • Push the enemy back to Corazol
  • Take control of the City.


Advance to the front line, where there is a sandbag wall. When the squad leader commands it, attack whatever enemy you can hit.

There is an initial attack of tanks from the woad, and infantry from that direction. The tanks get shredded, leaving you to pick off the infantry. These enemies are spread to the left of the road, and as far as the rocks immediately on the right.

The second wave involves three Ural trucks approaching. The enemy wave is now much more spread out, with a squad and a BMP attacking on the flank to the right. Shortly after, Echo will announce that the enemy is trying to outflank - your squad will be pulled and brought to the different flank. You will also receive some additional soldiers.

At the new position, simply attack enemies as required. There's a mix of infantry and vehicles, mostly attacking from a single direction.

When the enemies are defeated, Crossroad will recall you and regroup back to the city of Dolores.