Ben Kerry


2015 (age 20)




Portland, Oregon, U.S.










FIA (Unofficially)


Corporal (formerly), Sergeant

Voice actor

Joe Weintraub

Sergeant Ben Kerry is the main protagonist of The East Wind campaign in "Arma III". He's a U.S. Army soldier that is part of NATO peacemaking force, Task Force Aegis, and unofficially, CTRG Team 14. In addition, Kerry also assists the FIA in their operations.

The Stratis Incident: "Survive" (07 July - 08 July, 2035) Edit

On the morning of 7th July, 2035, Corporal Kerry met with his superior and friend, Staff Sergeant Adams, at the small NATO camp at LZ Connor, Stratis. Together, along with Sergeant Lacey, they take an MH-9 Hummingbird transport helicopter to the NATO facility at Camp Rogain. On the way, the three of them note a Hunter MRAP (implied to be driven by Colonel MacKinnon, the leader of Task Force Aegis) driving down roads that are supposed to be closed, as well as a UH-80 Ghost Hawk delivering Captain Miller's CTRG Team.

Once arriving at Camp Rogain, the three of them are tasked by their superior officer to assist in the drawdown of NATO forces off the island by bringing supplies to the Kamino Firing Range via HEMTT. On the way, they pass through an AAF checkpoint and note the unusual agitation of the guards (as well as make a crack at Stratis' healthy goat population). Not long after, Kerry and Adams find the Hunter MRAP and they saw earlier flipped on its side, a blast-mark beneath it, and Colonel MacKinnon's body adjacent to the wreck.

Almost immediately after uncovering the body of Colonel MacKinnon, NATO forces across the island immediately begin reporting in that they are under attack. Kerry and Adams observe this as AAF forces assault the Kamino Firing Range a few hundred meters away from them. Once a A-143 Buzzard jet buzzes overhead, Adams orders Kerry to proceed on foot back to Camp Rogain. As the AAF surprise attack begins to silence NATO radio traffic one by one, Kerry and Adams engage an AAF fire team. Reaching the outskirts of Camp Rogain, Adams realizes that the camp has fallen, and the two of them clear out a NATO position taken by an AAF assault team.

Once the two of them had secured the hill, the Ghosthawk that had dropped off Captain Miller earlier, callsign Echo, contacts them and urges them to hurry to evac. Delayed by AAF troops, they are too late to reach the helicopter, and it is destroyed by AAF air support. Fleeing into the woods, the two of them manage to avoid contact.

Not long after entering the woods, Kerry and Adams are contacted by Lacey, notifying them of a RV for NATO survivors. Unfortunately, the two of them stumble into a hidden AAF minefield (presumably planted during the civil war) and Staff Sergeant Adams is killed. Now alone, Kerry and the rest of the NATO survivors are contacted by Captain Miller, the highest ranking officer left on Stratis, stating that he has a team to extract them back to a safe area so long as the soldiers can reach them. Moving as quickly as possible, Kerry reaches first Lacey and his team, then Lieutenant James and the UKSF team.

Arriving at Camp Maxwell, an abandoned NATO camp in the southern half of Stratis, Kerry is quickly informed of the situation and is sent back on sortie to destroy a downed AH-99 Blackfoot gunship which crashed dangerously close to the camp. Together with his squad, Kerry manages to secure the crash-site, repel an AAF counterattack in the hopes of buying time to extract a casualty (who succumbs to his wounds before he can be treated), and destroys the helicopter.

Returning to Camp Maxwell, Kerry performs three more operations (the choice of in which order is determined by the player): First, a raid on the critical RADAR facility of Mike-26 in the center of the island ("Radio Silence"). Second, an underwater assassination of a high-value AAF target ("Wet Work"). Finally, a rescue mission to save a trapped squad in Girna ("Death Valley").

In "Radio Silence", NATO forces pull themselves together and strike at the poorly defended RADAR and communications system at Mike-26. Kerry spots targets for mortars stationed back at Camp Maxwell, clearing the way for the assault. Once the facility is taken, the UKSF team begins working to establish contact with NATO MEDCOM, while the rest of the NATO forces holds against an AAF counter-attack. While what the UKSF team is actually accomplishing is unknown, they eventually decide to blow the station, leaving NATO MEDCOM in the dark as to what is happening on Stratis.

In "Wet Work", Lieutenant James leads a strike of mostly NATO soldiers with diving training using stashed SDVs to assassinate what they think is the commander of the AAF. As they storm the town of Girna where an impromptu AAF field HQ has been established, another element strikes from the other side, quickly securing the town. Unfortunately, the target was not who they were looking to kill, making their accomplishments effectively moot. One of the two squads stays behind to defend the town while Kerry and the diving team retreats via stolen vehicle (or on foot if the truck was destroyed in the fighting) back to Camp Maxwell.

In "Death Valley", the squad left in Girna (while this is never explicitly stated, as far as a canon chronology goes, it is more likely than not that Death Valley is set after Wet Work) is suddenly pinned down by an AAF counter-attack. Kerry and his squad is sent to rescue them, and after a prolonged fight (mostly matching the "Infantry" showcase), rescue their comrades. AAF mortars interrupt the reunion, and Kerry operates a AR-2 Darter drone to mark the spotters with the onboard laser-designator. With the spotters dead, the AAF resorts to brute force and sends a Buzzard to bomb the town. The NATO forces retreat, narrowly avoiding the destruction of Girna.

By nightfall, NATO supplies are running scarce, forcing Captain Miller to reach out to the local FIA cell for aid. Kerry and his team go out and meet with Nikos, the FIA's quartermaster, but are intercepted by AAF. Nikos goes missing, and the needed supplies are destroyed by the AAF. Kerry's squad takes the fight back to the AAF, clearing out some of their positions before heading back. As they are returning, enemy artillery fire begins to land on Camp Maxwell. Despite being ordered not to go back, Kerry's team heads back regardless.

The next morning, with NATO casualties heavy and supplies desperate, Captain Miller announces that he was able to raise NATO MEDCOM shortly after the bombardment, and that a counter-invasion is coming soon. In order to create a beachhead for NATO forces, the survivors plan an offensive against the AAF, hoping to catch them off-guard. Initially, the operation goes without a hitch: The Kamino Firing Range, as well as Agia Marina, are taken rapidly by the NATO teams. Surprised, AAF forces draw back to strongholds, and NATO forces dig in, only to be suddenly attacked by CSAT forces arriving from Altis. The vast majority of the NATO teams are massacred by the well-equipped, well-trained CSAT fighters, and only Kerry's team survives. Hailed by Captain Miller and the UKSF, he is ordered to head to a small coast where they will evacuate the island. CSAT forces hound the retreating team until it is just Kerry left, who barely manages to board the UKSF assault boats and leave the island with them.

Out to sea and headed to Altis to regroup with their only hope, the FIA, the boats are attacked by a flight of Buzzards and are sunk.

The Altis Incident: "Adapt" (09 July - 08 August 2035) Edit

Waking up the next morning on a beach, Kerry arises to find that he has been cut off from the rest of the UKSF and is without a map and a primary weapon, left only with his pistol. He quickly acquires a radio from a dead UKSF operator, and contacts Lieutenant James. James informs him that both CSAT and AAF forces are cracking down on the FIA cell in the former capital of Kavala, of which Kerry is just outside. The UKSF team is observing from a hill nearby, and Kerry is ordered to regroup with them. Left with no choice, Kerry manages to acquire a map and a weapon, and makes his way through the crackdown to the UKSF team.

Kerry and the others wait for hours until night falls before heading out, with Kerry confused and in tow. Barely making it to the RV in time, Kerry is thrown in with the FIA and is told to drive a car to drop off some fighters in the back escaping the battle. Unbeknownst to Kerry, the one calling the shot is Kostos Stavrou, the leader of the FIA cell in northwest Altis and one of the most influential members of the entire movement. Kerry drives through multiple checkpoints, one of which is commanded by "Orestes", an AAF officer who has unknown sympathies for the FIA and has had discourse with Stavrou many times before. Kerry manages to drop off the FIA fighters in the flatbed of the truck without them being killed by the AAF, and continues on with just Stavrou in the car. At the third and final checkpoint, manned by CSAT, Kerry is hailed accidentally by Miller (who was trying to reach Stavrou), and is informed of his location. Coincidentally, the roadblock forces them to head that way anyways. As Kerry approaches, Miller reports that CSAT forces have arrived and trapped him in a house. Kerry dismounts and goes to assist, but as he is moving a large explosion from an unknown source comes from behind him. Despite this, Kerry manages to rescue Miller, and the two of them head for the FIA camp.

Kerry is introduced proper to the FIA, as well as learns that Captain Miller and the UKSF had assisted the FIA before in an unknown manner, and is inducted into their ranks. A week passes uneventfully, but after that point Kerry is tasked with joining the UKSF on a convoy raid to gather more supplies for the guerillas. As they are proceeding to target, Lieutenant James is hailed by Captain Miller, and suddenly peels his team off for another unknown objective, leaving Kerry alone. Stavrou hails Kerry and informs him that he is to now lead a team of FIA (who aren't very happy to be under him) and to accomplish the objective that the UKSF abandoned. Kerry manages to do this in style, ambushing the CSAT convoy and stealing a supply truck. However, as he and his team head for the safehouse to store the precious supplies, CSAT suddenly launches an offensive, forcing Kerry to destroy the supplies and escape as the FIA is beaten back into hiding.

Arriving with his battered team at the new FIA base in a abandoned factory complex, Kerry regroups with Stavrou and is given a choice of three missions to perform. First, a lightning-fast supply raid on an AAF FOB being built ("Breaking Even"). Second, a daring snatch-and-grab of a fuel cistern to help keep the FIA mobile ("Bingo Fuel"). Finally, to retrieve a defecting AAF officer who is offering a chance for revenge for the FIA ("Exit Strategy").

In "Breaking Even", the FIA line up to strike a newly constructed AAF FOB. Kerry and his team take out the sentries, then rush to assault the FOB before the AAF can react. They storm the base and quickly secure it, before hunkering down as a truck arrives to take as much as possible beofre the hammer swings down on them. Mortars begin to fall on the FOB, and Kerry is dispatched to find and eliminate the source, moving to a nearby town and clearing out the AAF garrison. Forced to fall back as a massive CSAT/AAF counter attack arrives, the FIA barely escape being annihilated from both enemy tanks and air support, but with the precious supplies.

In "Bingo Fuel", Kerry leads his team stealthily toward an AAF-held refinery where they store impounded vehicles to secure a fuel cistern to refuel the dwindling supply for FIA trucks and ATVs. Picking up more men as he goes, Kerry eventually storms the facility with a large force, and reaches the cistern. Unfortunately, the cistern is empty, but another has been found in a construction site nearby. Kerry leads his team to strike and secure the new cistern, but is hailed by Captain Miller. Miller intends to use the fuel cistern as a bomb in the hopes of killing the leader of the AAF as he proceeds in a convoy through the island. Kerry must decide between giving the fuel to Miller or to the FIA (or he can personally kill the leader of the AAF, but currently BIS has not sorted out a result for that course of action). These have repercussions on a later mission.

In "Exit Strategy", Kerry and his team met a small group of AAF defecting, led by "Orestes" himself. After defending the meeting from a tailing CSAT patrol, Orestes gives Kerry a choice of what to do with his command authority for a single attack on the AAF or CSAT. Kerry can either call artillery on a repair facility, or he can lure in a CSAT helicopter to be destroyed by Kerry and his team. Either way, Kerry and Orestes safely extract back to the FIA camp.

With all of these objectives completed, Stavrou announces he has big plans in store, but to accomplish them he must rescue a captured member of the FIA: Nikos, last seen on Stratis. Kerry and his team go to meet up with Miller on the coasts of Altis to leave the island for their rescue mission. According to Kerry's choice in "Bingo Fuel", the situation will change: If Kerry had chosen the FIA, Kerry is given a ride closer to his objective, but Miller snaps at him for missing an opportunity and there are more AAF patrolling. If Kerry had chosen Miller, Kerry must walk to the objective more as there is not enough fuel to drive him there, but there are less AAF patrolling. Either way, Kerry joins Miller and the UKSF, and they head for Stratis.

Approaching at night and in thick fogs, the two teams split off, with the UKSF heading north to strike the AAF facility where Nikos is being held, while Kerry and his team are sent south to raise hell and draw attention away from the operators. Kerry and his team assault several AAF camps (and can destroy the landmark lighthouse), drawing the ire of the AAF. Eventually, the AAF bring their might to bear against the Kerry and his team, drawing attention away long enough for Miller and his squad to rescue Nikos, while Kerry beats a hasty retreat.

Returning to Altis, Kerry and the rest meet up with the FIA at a new camp, closer to the Altis International Airport. It is there that Stavrou announces that NATO has decided to intervene against the AAF for their actions on Stratis, and that he plans to take advantage to clear out multiple locations to assist NATO in their invasion. Kerry leads his team to strike a CSAT artillery position that will present a problem for the NATO landings, but encounter CSAT special forces guarding the position. Neutralizing them and the battery, Kerry and his team digs in to hold when suddenly the power grid is cut, and the entire town falls into darkness. Immediately afterward, CSAT special forces deploy via helicopter into the town, turning it into a brutal street to street fight. The timely arrival of reinforcements buys Kerry the advantage he needs to beat the operators and hold the town.

With their objectives accomplished, Kerry and his team heads to regroup with Stavrou where they are attacking the AAC airfield, but things go horribly wrong as NATO gunships begin engaging them by accident. Stavrou is assumed killed, but when one of the gunships is brought down by CSAT fire, Kerry rushes to make contact with the pilot. Battling through an AAF squad that hoped to take the gunship's wreck, Kerry makes contact with the pilot who quickly relays through command that the FIA is in the crossfire, as well as accidentally reports Kerry's name as "Corporal Ben Miller". The ensuing chaos stops the NATO invasion cold, and Kerry waits with the pilot for them to be rescued, leaving the fate of the FIA for another day.

Kerry and the pilot are met the following morning by Colonel Armstrong, leader of the NATO invasion force. Armstrong meets Kerry (whom the pilot corrects Armstrong when he calls Kerry "Corporal Miller"), and is confused when Kerry asks why Captain Miller had not informed NATO of the FIA's presence in the area of operations. According to Colonel Armstrong, there is no Captain Miller, and the British have not been on either Altis or Stratis for months. Kerry, the pilot, and Armstrong leave via Ghosthawk back for Stratis, as things continue to escalate on Altis.

The Altis Incident: "Win" (09 August - 11 August/27 September 2035) Edit

Returning to the rapidly established forward air base on Stratis, Kerry is debriefed by General Armstrong. Armstrong is not very happy that Kerry went rogue, but does state that NATO MEDCOM has not been able to determine the truth behind what happened on Stratis two months prior, as well as that Captain Miller and his team are to be considered hostile until more information is gleamed on their identities and intentions. Kerry is ordered to gear up and muster out to return to Altis, all the while being referred to as "the guerilla guy" by his fellow soldiers.

Returning to Altis, Kerry is assigned to guard effectively a garbage dump by his superior, seeing as very few trust him given his long absence. By chance, this garbage dump is also directly adjacent to the coast where CSAT begin landing special operations troops via assault boats, which Kerry frantically reports. Immediately afterward, the full might of CSAT is unleashed on the NATO forces, destroying the majority of the NATO anti-aircraft positions and killing the rest of Kerry's squad. Kerry regroups with NATO reinforcements before being contacted by Nikos, the new leader of the FIA. Given command of a squad of FIA, callsign Nomad, Kerry leads them to beat back the CSAT counterattack and secure a small hill. Despite CSAT deploying multiple armored vehicles against his squad, Kerry's squad manages to beat back the CSAT offensive.

That morning, NATO launches a counter-attack in response, trying to take their initial objective of the Altis International Airport. Kerry leads a FIA squad to strike at a position that threatens to flank the NATO assault, and with armored support succeeds and clearing the position. Moving to extract, they are stopped when their Ghosthawk transport is shot down by a CSAT anti-aircraft vehicle that had moved suddenly into what was supposed to be a cleared sector. Forced to climb uphill, Kerry and his team managed to destroy the AA vehicle and preserve NATO air superiority before watching as friendly forces move into the airport. The rest is interrupted by a sudden, jarring earthquake, surprising Kerry.

That night, Kerry rejoins a NATO team as friendly forces close in on the capital of the Republic of Altis and Stratis, Pyrgos. As he proceeds in a convoy toward a warehouse objective, Kerry is informed by Colonel Armstrong that the investigation into the "Stratis Incident" has been closed, and Captain Miller and his UKSF team is to be avoided as the British refused to speak on what Miller's team is doing. Kerry, unsatisfied, continues until the convoy is ambushed by the AAF. Repelling the ambush, Kerry and his team move to strike the objective on foot, clearing the warehouse facility. A friendly unit, Charlie 2-3, reports not long afterward that they are pinned down by AAF defending the town, forcing Kerry's squad to advance to rescue them while another is moved to hold the objective. Nikos, to add to the confusion, reports that NATO artillery guns are shelling civilian areas in Pyrgos, which Kerry quickly puts a stop to. With all that, another earthquake rocks the island, startling Kerry and his compatriots. According to NATO MEDCOM, this seismic activity should not be happening.

Reaching his allies, Kerry is told to lead a team into the city to destroy a crippled AAF tank that is being used as a turret to halt NATO advance into the city. Kerry does so, sneaking into the embattled capital and destroying the AAF tank using an explosive charge or calling down more artillery on the vehicle which could also kill civilians. With the outskirts of the city secure, Kerry and the rest of the NATO forces hunker down as more troops move to clear the rest.

The next morning, the newly promoted Sergeant Kerry is given command a NATO squad as they move to capitalize on the AAF retreat north. An air assualt on a power facility goes without a hitch, but their main objective is the nearby town. Using combined arms tactics and a patrolling UAV calling in fire support, Kerry manages to take the town from the entrenched AAF defenders, as well as repulses a large AAF mechanized counter-attack, crippling the majority of the AAF's remaining forces.

Later that morning, with seismic activity increasing on Altis, Kerry regroups with the main bulk of NATO forces to finish the fight against the AAF. Ordered by Colonel Armstrong to head north and spot for the A-164 Wipeout attack jets, Kerry takes his team via MRAP toward the objective. As he is driving, he is hailed by a wounded Lieutenant James, asking for assistance.

Ending One: "Status Quo" (10 August - 27 September 2035) Edit

Kerry follows the orders of his commander and leaves the UKSF to his fate as seismic activity increases. Kerry encounters a patrol of AAF which is quickly dispatched before setting up observation over the remaining AAF forces. Calling in the artillery and airstrike, the AAF relay their surrender, ending the war, while CSAT forces evacuate from the island.

A month later, Sergeant Kerry is sent to the Altis International Airport to pick up reporter Mark Cole of the AAN News company and escort him to an interview with Nikos, now the most influential man in the Republic and running to become prime minister. On the way, Cole asks Kerry several cryptic questions, first being what truly happened on Stratis. Kerry answers that he doesn't know, but becomes defensive when Cole asks what Nikos did in the FIA, as well as the rumors of UKSF being on Altis. Cole states that the British government has fully denied Miller's involvement, but then says that Kerry should ask Stavrou (raising the question if Stavrou truly is dead) as to if the British were there.

Kerry drops off Cole to interview Nikos, guarded by an ION PMC contingent, before heading back to base. As he is leaving, Kerry is hailed by Colonel Armstrong, informing the Sergeant that he is needed, as there has been another situation. No information is given as to what the situation is, or to what happens next to Kerry and the rest of the NATO contingent.

Ending Two: "Game Over" (10 August - 11 August 2035) (Non-canon) Edit

Kerry defies his commander, heading to meet with Lieutenant James. They find him surrounded by CSAT and UKSF bodies, slowly dying from a mortal wound. James informs him that there is a very precious object in a nearby research facility constructed by CSAT that must be secured and brought to Captain Miller at the tip of Altis. Kerry storms the facility, kills the CSAT special forces, and takes the large Tempest truck with a mysterious device on its back to Captain Miller and the rest of the team, their submarine transport waiting nearby. Kerry demands answers of Miller, who grudgingly obliges. He hints that the device is the reason for the multiple earthquakes across the island. There is also a hint that Miller and CTRG were responsible for the Stratis incident to buy themselves more time to acquire the device. While they continue talking, CSAT forces roll back onto the island in a level of force beyond anything previously seen, killing Colonel Armstrong and causing the entire island to fall into chaos. Kerry is offered a way out by Miller, and is told to wait for him to return.

Later that night, Kerry is told by Miller that he is not coming to help, and Kerry is on his own. Yet another earthquake rocks the island, and Kerry makes his way to extraction. Depending on the actions of the player, Kerry can return to the now CSAT-occupied research facility and gather more information, regroup with NATO and FIA forces to try to get a group together to escape, escape on his own, or die. Either one of the last three will end the game in the exact same way.

Skills/Attributes Edit

Throughout the campaign, Kerry is seen to be highly effective in battle. While being a soldier in regular infantry in the U.S. army with standard combat training and endurance, Kerry is capable of wielding a variety of weapons effectively. These range from assault rifles to sniper rifles, and even to rocket launchers. He is also familiar with utilizing drone technology to level the playing field as can be seen in the "Win" episode. Kerry is also revealed to have diving training, which resulted in him going with James in the "wetwork" mission.

Along with handling a wide variety of weaponry, Kerry is also adept at handling many various types of vehicles. While he's commonly seen using quad bikes and offroad trucks while he's off on patrol, but on top of those, he can use armored, weaponized vehicles such as MRAPs and speedboats, as well as their mounted weapons. He can also use any abandoned civilian vehicles such as moving trucks or sports cars. Also, in the alternate non-canon ending to the win campaign, Kerry is also capable of piloting helicopters, in which case he can use one to fly off of Altis.

Due to the above skills as well as the situations that he's constantly thrown in, Kerry ends up becoming an extremely versatile combatant, utilizing a mix of combat methods and tactics. From the beginning of the flash point, Kerry used standard combat and squad techniques to hold his own during Miller's missions. However, while on Stratis, assuming canonically that he went out on patrol frequently and accomplished all of the available side quests, he starts to develop a rogue survivalist skill set in order to eliminate multiple hostiles by himself and survive. After escaping Stratis, his time with the guerrillas as well as with the British special forces strengthened these skills and tactics. Also, during this time he began leading squads to accomplish multiple objectives, thus his leadership skills strengthened during this time. Thus, Kerry ranged from being a capable squad leader who could accomplish all objectives during a combined arms operation, to a lone wolf operator who could utilize a mix of stealth and combat to fight and survive by himself against extremely low odds. This versatility and effectiveness as a soldier earns him the respect of Stavrou, Nikos, Colonel Armstrong, and even Captain Miller.

Personality Edit

Kerry is a bit of a wild card. While he is capable of following orders to the letter, he prefers not to be in the dark about anything, usually asking questions to the point of irritation to his superiors. He also has a mild authority problem, refusing to show respect to anyone who keeps him intentionally in the dark. This is not to say that he does not respect anyone above him, as he shows genuine respect for Stavrou as well as Staff Sergeant Adams.

Kerry tends to talk to himself, often confusing those alongside, especially the naturally Greek speaking FIA. Most of this monologue includes griping and complaining over the situations he's continually thrown into, and he's not necessarily wrong for feeling that a lot is being asked of him.

Kerry repeatedly states that he hates forests. While some say that this is because Staff Sergeant Adams dies from an AP Mine in a forest, Kerry previously expressed dread while Adams decided to take refuge in one, shortly before Adams' death.

Kill Count Edit

  • Numerous counts of AAF soldiers
  • Numerous counts of CSAT soldiers
  • Viper Green (determined)
  • Hydra (determined)

Death (determinant) (non-canon) Edit

  • CSAT forces (caused)
  • AAF forces (caused)
  • Suicide

Trivia Edit

  • Kerry appears in the Prologue (Boot Camp) campaign.
  • Kerry is noted for saying, "What the literal fuck?" in various forms in all of the episodes, making it a small meme in the BIS Forums.
  • Strangely, Kerry's voice actor (Joe Weintraub) is not credited under voice actors in the main credits. It is confirmed that Kerry's voice actor is Joe Weintraub, as seen listed under his roles on his website here.

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