« Great. First I'm stuck with spooks who can't say anything, now I'm stuck with farmers who won't.
Ben Kerry

Ben Kerry is the main protagonist of The East Wind campaign in ArmA 3.


Kerry was one of the many non-combat personnel of Task Force Aegis left on Stratis following the pullout of NATO forces from the country.

Although he was simply a regular infantryman from the U.S. Army's 7th Infantry Division that possessed only basic combat training and endurance, Kerry is shown to be capable of wielding a variety of weapons effectively. He is also revealed to have gone through diving training as well.

Along with being able to handle a wide variety of small arms, Kerry is also adept at driving many types of vehicles. While he's commonly seen utilising Quadbikes and Offroad trucks, he is shown to know how to drive MRAPs and even IFVs.

Due to his proficiency in these fields, Kerry ends up becoming an extremely versatile combatant in spite of the situations that he's constantly thrown into. Throughout the campaign, he is shown to be highly effective in battle and has great leadership skills alike, often being responsible for commanding several squads at once, or being entrusted with conducting lone wolf operations.

From the beginning of the flashpoint, Kerry used standard combat and squad techniques to hold his own. After escaping Stratis, his time spent with the guerillas, as well as with British special forces, strengthened these skills and broadened his knowledge of tactics. This earned him the respect of many of the commanders that he worked under, including Kostas Stavrou, Nikos Panagopoulos, and even CTRG Captain Scott Miller.

Personality and Appearance

Kerry appears as a typical twenty year-old white Caucasian male with a shaved head and slightly dark brown hair. His standard attire consists of a simple ranger green plate carrier with his nametag on the front and a Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH). Given the semi-arid environment of Altis, he prefers wearing a white-green coloured undershirt and MTP-camouflaged pants as opposed to the full fatigues.

While working undercover with the FIA and alongside CTRG, Kerry continues to wear his (heavily worn out) MTP-camouflaged combat pants, but puts on a dark blue poloshirt instead of the undershirt. He can also usually be seen donning an olive green-coloured bandanna with a headset.

« Kerry: Lieutenant, do you read me? Over. I could really use some help, I got nothing here. Over.
James: Heh... I thought you Yanks couldn't get enough freedom?
Kerry: With respect, Lieutenant, fuck you.
Kerry's usual display of sardonicism

Personality-wise, Kerry is a bit of a wild card. While he is capable of following orders to the letter, he prefers not to be in the dark about anything, usually asking questions to the point of irritation to his superiors. He also has a mild authority problem, refusing to show respect to anyone who keeps him intentionally in the dark; this is not to say that he does not respect anyone above him, as he shows genuine respect for Stavrou as well as with Adams.

Kerry tends to talk to himself out loud which often confuses those alongside him, especially his Altian guerilla allies in the FIA. Most of this monologue includes griping and complaining over the situations he's continually thrown into, though it should be noted that he's not necessarily wrong for feeling that a lot is being asked of him.

Kerry repeatedly states that he hates going into forests. This is mostly attributed to Adams' death from stepping on a landmine in a forest; though prior to this incident, Kerry already expressed his dislike after Adams decides to take refuge in one.


  • Several times throughout Survive, it is stated by his fellow survivors in TF Aegis that the draft was reintroduced by the U.S. military to address the rising tensions in the Pacific, which would suggest that Kerry is a conscript rather than a volunteer soldier.
  • Kerry makes a cameo appearance in the Prologue campaign as the driver of the MRAP in Damage Control. He does not have any voiced dialogue in this campaign, however.
  • Kerry is notorious for using the phrase "What the literal fuck?" in various forms throughout the entirety of The East Wind, uttering it at least once per mission.
  • Strangely, Kerry's voice actor (Joe Weintraub) is not credited under the list of voice actors in the main credits. However, Weintraub's portfolio on his personal website does confirm that he was the voice actor for Kerry.
  • In the alternate ending of The East Wind, Kerry can either die at the hands of CSAT, AAF remnants, or commit suicide. This is completely non-canonical however, as Kerry survives through the entire duration of the campaign.


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