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Bohemia Interactive Studio (BIS) is a private company, a developer of computer games. Located in Prague, Czech Republic.

Bohemia Interactive Australia Edit

The accompanying Bohemia Interactive Studio Australia (BIA) was founded Studio BI and David Lagettie. Together with BI she developed the special military simulator, VBS1, the development of which was started in December 2001. After exhaustive testing and field application (together with the U.S. marine simulator VBS1 became available in the fall of 2002 to competent government clients and military organizations. In may 2004, VBS1 moved on limited public dissemination. The game was released in North America in August 14, 2004; dissemination were Coalescent Technologies.

Released games/DLC's Edit

Armed Assault SeriesEdit

2001, June - Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

  • 2002, July - Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

2006, November - Armed Assault

2008, March 12 - ArmA: Combat Operations

2009, June 29 - ArmA 2

2011, July 13 - ArmA: Cold War Assault

2011, July 13 - ArmA Gold Edition (bundle of "Armed Assault" and "Queen's Gambit")

2011, July 15 - ArmA X: Anniversary Edition (bundle of "Arma 2", "BAF", "OA", "PMC", "Cold War Assault" and "Gold Edition")

2013, September 12 - ArmA 3

2013, October 1 - Arma Tactics

Take On SeriesEdit

2011, October 27 - Take On Helicopters, Demo : 2011, December 1

  • 2012, March 20 - Take On Helicopters : Hinds DLC
  • 2012, April 30 - Take On Helicopters Bundle (bundle of "Take On Helicopters" and "Hinds")
  • ? - Take On Helicopters: Rearmed DLC
  • ? - Take On Helicopters: Noisecontrollers DlC

2013, August 1 - Take On Mars

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