« "Brian‘s a top class Marine, I think he‘s fitting right in. The rest of the team are still giving him a hard time but that‘s natural. If only ‚cause of his damn hair. I expect to see him promoted to a medical SNCO rank after this tour."
Cpt Shaftoe
Brian "Scarlet" O'Hara
Arma2-render-Brian O‘Hara


January 10th 1977 (official website)
February 21th 1978 (Armaverse timeline)






Harvest Red






USMC (formerly)


Staff sergeant (E-6) (formerly)

SSgt Brian "Scarlet" O'Hara is a former member of USMC Razor Team. He has taken part of the Operation Harvest Red in Chernarus with the Razor Team.


Life and careerEdit

San Franciscan-born O‘Hara followed a number of his brothers into the Navy. Trained as Medic before transferring to the Marine Corps as a field corpsman and finally joined Force Recon in 2007. Currently Razor Team's medic. Despite the usual 'Navy Pukes' jibes (typical of this common inter-force transfer), Brian is fitting in well as Razor Team‘s newest and youngest member. Low aggression levels and a tendency toward caution belie his roots however. Completed training modules include: SOI, TBS, SMTC, BRC, SERE, SST, MCMAP, HM (Navy).

Special skillsEdit

  • Medical expertise including traumatology and basics of military surgery
  • Training in special warfare


At 2009, Brian O'Hara was send to Chernarus (near Chernogorsk) with Razor Team, shortly after the 27th MEU of USMC, to prevent civilian casualties in the conflict between Chedaki lead by Andrey Lopotev. His first mission was to destroy a communication station but, during the mission, he and the rest of Razor Team discovers a mass grave created by Chedaki forces.

Arma 2

Brian O'Hara and Patrick Miles in Chernarus

He took part with Razor Team at the battle of Chernogorsk at 9 October 2009 and capture with Razor Team Mikola Bardak and Lopotev. They wanted to bring them back to the base but they are betrayed by Kostey, ambushed and taken captive. Kostey reveals to be a CDF officer and Lopotev shoot Razor Team's leader; Patrick Miles; in the head, killing him. Brian and the remaining of Razor Team were rescued by an USMC squad lead by Ian Simmons. Later, they capture Bardak but not Lopotev.

At 16 October 2009, Brian with Razor Team searches for Chedaki base and smaller camps in the region. While doing that, they meet Father Fyodor, local priest with ties to NAPA.

After that the Russians enter into the Chernarus conflict, USMC can't stay longer into Chernarus and Razor Team is forced to evacuate, but they fails to reach the evac point and they are declared Missing in Action. They go undercover and they are helped by locals of Chernarus.

They help the local forces of Chernarus against the Chedaki but USMC Command task Razor to find evidences that NAPA is behind the Moscow bombing. Brian and Razor finds evidence, they knows that Lopotev is the man behind bombing.

USMC forces return to Chernarus; the Russians forces tolerate them; and they help Razor to assault the main Chedaki base.

At 19 October 2009, Brian and Razor Team capture Andrey Lopotev and end Chernarussian crisis. They go back to USS Keh Sanh and are welcomed as heroes.

After Military Edit

He leaves USMC after 6 years in service. He returns to San Francisco to study, becoming a civilian medic doctor some years later.


Gallery Edit

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  • He may have Irish origin due to his name "O'Hara"

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