CAR-95-1 5.8 mm
Faction CSAT
Type Bullpup Light Support Weapon / SAW
Caliber 5.8×42 mm
Variants CAR-95, CAR-95 GL

The CAR-95-1 is a 5.8 mm bullpup light support weapon that is used by both Pacific and North African CSAT forces in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Apex DLC.


The CAR-95-1 is a modified version of the baseline CAR-95 model that is specifically designed to be a squad automatic weapon. As with its parent model, it is also chambered to fire the 5.8×42 mm round.

It loads from 100 round drums as opposed to the curved magazines of its parent, and is able to attain an increased rate of fire of up to 800 rounds per minute, along with having a slightly higher muzzle velocity of 970 m/s. The CAR-95-1 is able to mount accessories onto both its top and side rails, and can also be fitted with muzzle attachments. An integrated bipod can also be used to provide stability when firing sustained bursts.

In terms of overall performance, the CAR-95-1 is much better than its baseline variant both accuracy and fire rate-wise due to using a longer barrel, though this comes at the cost of being heavier to carry. While it is still outclassed by the MX SW when it comes to accuracy at long ranges, the CAR-95-1 has a superior rate of fire (800 versus the MX SW's 625) that makes it more effective when it comes to providing suppression.