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CH-67 Huron
CH-67 Huron
Faction NATO
Type Helicopter
Seats Armed

20 (2x Gunner, 1x Pilot, 1x Co-Pilot, 16x Passengers)
Unarmed 20 (1x Pilot, 1x Co-Pilot, 18x Passengers)

Top speed Unknown
Primary armament None
Secondary armament N/A

The CH-67 Huron is a NATO transport helicopter introduced in the Helicopters DLC.

Overview Edit

« A twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter. It is a modernized version of the CH-47 Chinook and its primary role is the transportation of troops, vehicles and cargo. The Huron exists in two variants: the armed variant with two side gunners manning 6.5 mm gatling guns, and the transport version which replaces the gunners with two additional passenger positions.
Field Manual

Capabilities Edit

The Huron is able to slingload and transport a variety of vehicles and equipment, including:

  • Hunters (all variants)
  • Prowlers (all variants)
  • Offroads (all variants)
  • Quad bikes
  • UGV Stompers (both variants)
  • Boats (including assault boats, speedboat miniguns, and rescue boats)
  • Swimmer delivery vehicles (SDVs)
  • Huron containers (including fuel, ammo, repair, medical, and cargo containers)
  • Supply boxes
  • Items in cargo nets (including the Cargo Net (NATO), Cargo Net (Box), and Cargo Net (Barrels))
  • Civilian cars and trucks (including the Zamak Transport (Covered), but excluding the Zamak Fuel, Zamak Repair, and the uncovered Zamak Transport)

The Huron's lifting abilities overlap with the vehicle transport Blackfish in regards to Prowlers, quad bikes, offroads, civilian vehicles, and unarmed Hunters. However, the Huron is the only NATO vehicle able to airlift armed Hunters (HMG/GMG), Huron containers, SDVs, and speedboat miniguns. Other NATO helicopters like the Ghost Hawk and Hummingbird can also transport supply boxes and items in cargo nets. Both variants of the Huron (armed and unarmed) appear to have identical lifting capacity.

Trivia Edit

  • As stated in the Field Manual, the Huron is Arma 3's take on a futurised, stealthy variant of the venerable "CH-47 Chinook".
  • Like the Ghost Hawk, the side doors cannot be manually opened by the player but can be seen being opened and closed in some showcases. The rear ramp however, can be opened by either the pilot or rear two FFV-enabled passenger seats. 
  • Besides enabling the rear two passengers to fire out of the helicopter, the ramp's purpose is largely aesthetic and does not prevent passengers from either entering or exiting the Huron regardless of whether it is closed or not. 

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