The CMR-76 is a Designed Marksman rifle used by the Chinese division of CSAT. It provides great sniper fire and can

be mounted with every rifle optic, it can also use a suppressor but already has a large integrated bipod. It is available in standard black, Arid Hex and Tropical Hex.

CMR 76 6.5mm
Faction CSAT
Type Designated marksman rifle
Caliber 6.5x39 mm
20 Rounds


« Designated marksman rifle of an Eastern origin. It is a gas operated, semi-automatic rifle of a bullpup construction. The housing is made of polymer. The rifle is chambered in 6.5 mm and therefore is most suited to ranges from 500 to 700 meters. The CMR-76 is missing both the sides and the bottom rails but is equipped with a bipod by default. »

Trivia Edit

  • The CMR-76 is based on the QBU-88 used by Chinese PLA forces.
  • At the beginning of Arma 3's Apex sneak preview. There was a large compensator installed on the CMR-76 pictured above. Later down the road towards Apex Protocol's initial release, the developers decided to remove the compensator. The reason for its removal are unknown.

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