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The Combat Technology Research Group, or CTRG, is a special forces unit with groups deployed on Stratis alongside Task Force Aegis, as well as the Pacific islands of Tanoa.

Group 14, stationed on Stratis and known as Falcon, is led by Captain Scott Miller. Every member of Falcon is British.

Group 15, deployed to Tanoa and known as Raider, is led by Major A. J. Dutton, and is working alongside Colonel Broadale's NATO Pacific Task Force. This team is American, leading to the conclusion that CTRG is a multi-national unit.

Some other groups are shown in a cutscene in the "Apex Protocol" campaign. They include : Group 1 in Turkmenistan or Northern Afghanistan , Group 3 in Lebanon or Syria , Group 6 in Central Iran , Group 8 in Southern Russia , Group 10 in the Central Philippines and Group 12 in Western Indonesia. The leaders of these groups are unknown.

Events in Arma 3 Edit

Beyond Hope Edit

In 2026, Sgt. James assited the Altian Loyalists.

The East Wind Edit

Much of the unit's background is unknown and little is revealed about them during The East Wind campaign. It is heavily implied that the unit has been covertly operating on Altis during their Stratis deployment - gathering intelligence about a CSAT weapons research program.

Survive Edit

As the AAF forces launch an attack on NATO forces on Stratis, CTRG are also targeted - joining the remaining TF Aegis survivors. NATO survivors make use of advanced weaponry stashed by CTRG and manage to hold their ground - dealing various blows against AAF forces.

Miller's unit sabotages the satellite communications equipment at Air Station Mike-26 to avoid compromising their operation to the NATO reinforcements. On the following day, the American survivors of TF Aegis are informed that Miller's team has managed to contact NATO MEDCOM, despite the destruction of Mike 26. The surviving group assaults Agia Marina in an effort to create a bridgehead to MEDCOM reinforcements. AAF forces are forced to retreat, but are soon reinforced by CSAT airborne units. The remaining NATO forces are soon overrun and Kerry's squad is forced to withdraw from Stratis.

Meanwhile, CTRG had secured the area with minimal AAF precence - most likely being aware of the CSAT reinforcements. Instead of leaving, Miller had decided to pick up any NATO soldiers in Marina. Kerry makes it to the CTRG boats, and they flee Stratis, making their way to Altis. While they sail to Altis, they are strafed by two AAF A-143 Buzzards and their boats are destroyed.

Adapt Edit

Kerry wakes up on the beach and regroups with the surviving CTRG team led by James - who is now lieutenant and Miller's second in command. It is soon revealed that CTRG has been working with the local FIA guerilla movement, from the very beginning of the conflict in Altis. James sends Kerry to the FIA commander, Stavrou, where he is escorted into FIA territory. However, after finding out CSAT has set up multiple staging areas and checkpoints outside of Kavala, they are forced to divert their route to the FIA camp. During their drive towards FIA territory, it is revealed that Miller survived the strafing run, and is now on Altis. Kerry makes his way towards Miller's location and rescues Miller from the surrounding CSAT patrol. Afterwards, Kerry and Miller travel to the FIA base on the northern coast.

The FIA conduct multiple raids on joint CSAT-AAF forces, while CTRG works as a recon unit - still secretly continuing their primary mission of locating the mysterious CSAT experimental weapon.

As weeks pass NATO forces finally launch an invasion of Altis. The guerrillas attempt to hit the CSAT-AAF controlled AAC Airfield as this is happening, but Stavrou and his men are killed during a friendly fire incident with NATO attack helicopters assaulting the airfield.

Kerry is picked up by Colonel David Armstrong in the next morning from the battlefield. He tells Armstrong about the British special operations team, but is soon told that the UK forces had shipped out from Altis in May - more than a month before the Stratis incident. Miller's team had completely gone dark after the invasion. After lecturing Kerry, Colonel Armstrong declares that Miller's team should be considered hostile.

Win Edit

As NATO forces seize the international airport, CSAT starts withdrawing their forces from the island and CSAT politicians prepare for peace negotiations - leaving the AAF on their own against NATO.

As NATO MEDCOM forces advance, Kerry is contacted by Colonel Armstrong, who informs Kerry that the investigation on the Stratis incident has been closed and the true identity of Scott Miller has been revealed. The details are need-to-know and Kerry is ordered to stay away from him and his operations, should Miller contact him.

Unknowingly to NATO (and therefore the player), Miller had sabotaged the invasion twice to prevent NATO from gaining the foothold on their first try - giving CTRG extra time needed to carry out their task.

CSAT prepare to evacuate the research installation with the experimental weapon being their priority. CSAT special forces eliminate the science team at the installation and prepare to ship the weapon out of Altis. Lt. James and his team are being sent to capture the device, though he fails and his entire team is eliminated by CSAT special forces. Critically wounded, James finds cover and attempts to contact whatever NATO forces he can - as it turns out, Kerry is the only one who picks up James's transmission.

As NATO forces are on the verge of destroying the last combat effective AAF forces, Kerry is tasked with joining the final assault. After he receives the radio message from James, the player can choose between helping James or following Colonel Armstrong's orders.

Ending One: "Game Over" (non-canon) Edit

Kerry finds James from the given coordinates and is tasked by James to find the CSAT device. Once this is done, Kerry must deliver the weapon to Miller - who is waiting with his unit nearby, hidden in old Altian ruins.

As Kerry delivers the device and confronts Miller, most of the actions happening behind the events are revealed. Miller's CTRG team had sabotaged the invasion twice and the Stratis incident was most likely caused from a false-flag operation by CTRG themselves.

Kerry is forced to stand down as Miller prepares to move the experimental weapon onto a submarine. They are suddenly interrupted by low-flying CSAT aircraft that are working as the tip of the spear for an unforeseen CSAT counter-attack intended to recover the stolen weapon.

As NATO forces are quickly overrun and scattered on their own, Miller takes the experimental weapon and leaves Kerry on his own. Kerry has to survive and link up with friendly units scattered throughout Altis. Together, they have to find a way to flee Altis as a global war between the countries of NATO and CSAT erupts.

Ending Two: "Status Quo" (canon) Edit

If Kerry follows Colonel Armstrong's orders and joins the last assault against the AAF, the CSAT special forces successfully ship the experimental weapon out of Altis. CSAT completely stand down and leave Altis, leaving the AAF as the only hostile forces left on the island. Colonel Georgious Akhanteros - the supreme commander of the AAF - surrenders, and a legitimate government is put in place within the following month.

As the device is shipped out, the CTRG's operation is considered a failure.

Apex Protocol Edit

In May of 2035, the Horizon Islands are struck by a tsunami, leading to an unspecified death toll and thousands of people becoming refugees in a large-scale humanitarian crisis. Meanwhile, a criminal organization known as Syndikat is intercepting humanitarian aid and slowing down recovery efforts. By July, CTRG determined that the tsunami was most likely the result of a sub-sea earthquake triggered by the 'Eastwind Device' and launches a covert operation to investigate. An informant known as 'Blue Cap' gives NATO information about the Syndikat leadership and organization as well as plans for an upcoming raid on a nearby town, giving NATO enough information to intervene in the region. Around the same time, Miller is taken as a hostage by Syndikat.

The day after Miller's capture, now three months after the disaster, a NATO task force launches "Exercise Safe Horizon" on August 11th as a disaster-cleanup mission with the goal of killing or capturing Syndikat's leader (Solomon Maru) and making his subordinates turn on each other in the subsequent power struggle. This provides CTRG a public cover story for the teams who were already in the region, and two of the teams are retasked with setting up an ambush to try to catch Solomon if he happens to be in a Syndikat raiding convoy. Although NATO is aware of CTRG's presence in Tanoa at this time, NATO does not know they were there before the task force arrived and is unaware of their original mission objectives and the involvement of Captain Miller.

When Warlock is not found in the ambush, the two CTRG teams go on a three-day manhunt for him and incidentally discover Chinese and Iranian weapons in the hands of Syndikat. Furthermore, after locating Captain Miller, they are attacked by the CSAT special forces unit called Viper. After his rescue, Miller explains that he was sent to Tanoa to recover the so-called Eastwind Device from CSAT, which he believes to be responsible for the disaster on Tanoa and the seismic anomalies on Altis.

Group 15, Miller, and later Group 14 go on to successfully combat and defeat both Syndikat and Viper, capture the Eastwind Device, and uncover evidence of the CSAT doctrine known as 'Apex Protocol'. Under this protocol, CSAT aims to destabilize small but strategically-valuable nation-states through clandestine operations to create civil and political instability. In the case of Tanoa, this was done by supplying military-grade weapons to Syndikat while inducing 'natural' disasters with the Eastwind Device. The Apex protocol calls for CSAT diplomats, advisors, and peacekeeping forces to then be brought in to restore stability under a CSAT-friendly regime. Due to CTRG's efforts, the 'Apex Protocol Papers' are published and CSAT falls under international scrutiny. Meanwhile, CTRG maintains complete secrecy in regards to all information about the Eastwind Device, leaving NATO aware of its existence, but uncertain of its location.

Known Members Edit

CTRG Command

Group 14 Edit

Group 15 Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Although the majority of group 14 are killed in the 'End Game' ending it appears as though very few perish during the 'Situation Normal' Ending.