« Thanks to the 9.3x64 mm ammunition, Cyrus offers better performance than standard 7.62 marksman rifles. At the same time, it is lighter and more versatile than heavy sniper rifles. Cyrus is a gas operated action with a single and full auto fire modes. It is a very precise and deadly weapon at a medium distance. »
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CYRUS Marksmen DLC screenshot
Faction CSAT
Type Designated marksman rifle
Caliber 9.3×64 mm
10 Rounds

The Cyrus is a CSAT 9.3×64mm designated marksman rifle. It is featured in the Arma 3: Marksmen DLC.


The Cyrus in a heavy DMR supplementing the Rahim by offering a higher caliber round. It is chambered in 9.3x64mm a German designed cartridge, it holds ten rounds in a magazine. It is used by CSAT sharpshooters commonly found in assault squads. It is exceptionally powerful for a semi-automatic rifle which is useful for defeating NATO's heavy body armor. Compared to its NATO counterparts such as the Mk-I EMR which fires the 7.62x51mm round, it fires a larger round which has its advantages and disadvantages, the ammo is heavier and larger. The Cyrus also have the abillity to fire fully automatic as noted above, however due to it's recoil and low magazine size it is best to use it's full-auto mode only in emergencies, as most rounds will otherwise miss and leaving you with the need to reload making you vulnerable to hostile fire. Based on the SVDK, the Russian anti-materiel rifle


  • The weapon is a heavily modified update of the Dragunov SVD, chambered for CSAT's favorited sniper round, the 9.3x64mm.

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