Camp Rogain is a large millitary camp in north-eastern Stratis. In the main campaign you are stationed here until it is overwhelmed by the AAF.

During the Survive part of the campaign, there are approximately six soldiers and three crew men stationed there, along with a tank facing the main entrance. There is a medical truck at the back of the camp and a transport truck. While none of these vehicles can be accessed the medic truck can restore you to full health and there is an atv. The camp has possibly more equipment for the player to take than any of the side missions. There is a sniper rifle (.408) a 5-25 magnification scope, marksman rifle (6.5mm), 3g grenade launcher equiped 6.5mm rifle, a box of explosives and both a mountable machine gun and a morter, both of which are disassembled into the gun and its tripod.

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