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« "In the name of freedom, equality and brotherhood of nations of the Fatherland, we swear to fight for the freedom and independence of the Republic of Chernarus."
from the Oath of Enlistment of CDF

The Chernarussian Defence Forces (original Черноруские силы обороны (Chernoruskie sili oboroni)), or CDF (ЧСО (ChSO)), are the combined military forces of the Republic of Chernarus.

Overview Edit

Chernarus was a Soviet republic during the Cold War, hence the CDF got almost all of its equipment from the Soviets. By the start of the civil war with the ChDKZ, it was clear that the CDF was ill-prepared for the conflict. It relied on outdated equipment and probably suffer from inadequate training. As a result, early in the Civil War, the ChDKZ managed to control almost the entirety of South Zagoria province.

After the US intervention, the CDF managed to reclaim the province and defeat their adversary. By 2012, Chernarus was stable enough for the CDF to send a contingent of troops under the UN banner to Takistan as part of a peacekeeping force. Even then, the CDF equipment has not seemed to have changed.

ArmA 2Edit

Harvest Red (2009)Edit

The CDF were initially overwhelmed by the invading ChDKZ forces. They were driven from the province of South Zagoria to a small pocket in the city of Zelenogorsk. Eventually, with the help of the US Marines, the CDF managed to reclaim the province. However, a bomb went off at Red Square in Moscow. Believing the perpetrators to be from NAPA, Russian forces are sent to Chernarus for a "UN peacekeeping operation" forcing the Marines out of the country. Razor Team was left stranded in the country, and receives orders to find evidence to prove NAPA's innocence.

Operation Arrowhead (2012)Edit

The CDF are part of the UN Forces in Takistan.

Equipment Edit

Infantry Weapons Edit

  • Makarov pistol
  • AK-74 assault rifle
  • RPK light machine gun
  • PKM general purpose machine gun
  • SVD Dragunov sniper rifle
  • RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launcher
  • Igla anti-aircraft missile launcher
  • Strela-2 anti-aircraft missile launcher

Static Defenses Edit

  • DShKM heavy machine gun
  • PK machine gun nest
  • ZU-23 anti-aircraft gun
  • Podnos mortar
  • SPG-9 rocket launcher

Ground Vehicles Edit

  • UAZ
  • Ural truck
  • BRDM-2
  • BMP-2
  • ZSU-23-4 Shilka
  • T-72

Aircraft Edit

  • Mi-8 Hip transport helicopter
  • Mi-24 Hind assault helicopter
  • Su-25 ground attack aircraft

See alsoEdit

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