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« "One man with a gun can control hundred without one."
V. I. Lenin
Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star
Arma2-render-factions ChDKZ
ChDKZ emblem

Type of faction / organization

Communist insurgency group

The Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (Russian: Черноруское Движение Красной Звезды/ Chernoruskоie Dvizhenie Krasnoj Zvezdi), also known as the ChDKZ (ЧДКЗ) or simply Chedakis, were a communist revolutionary organization based in Chernarus. It was introduced in ArmA 2 as the main OPFOR faction battling the US Marine Corps.



The organization was formed after Andrei "Akula" Lopotev, a member of the Chernarussian Communist Party, led a coup against his leaders.

ArmA 2Edit

Harvest Red (2009)Edit

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