Chopper Assault is a mission in ArmA: Armed Assault.  It is an auxillary operation to Reclaiming.


As we now have a greater military strength in part due to the US reinforcements who finally arrived, we are pushing the SLA back into the Northern island. By order of headquarters we should show our enemies no mercy. Our forces are trying to reclaim the city of Corazol as well as the surrounding bases built by the enemy. Our large attack is going to clean out one of those bases, this one is filled with SLA heavy armoured units. Your task is to board the chopper, fly in there and support our operation from the air. Once all of the enemy tanks are destroyed, fly back to the airport, we will send in further troops to finish cleaning up the SLA mess.

HINT: You will have one more chopper at your command as well.

Walkthrough Edit

There are six vehicles in the enemy base at GB59/GB60 - four T-72s, and two shilkas. To complete the objective, all six of those vehicles need to be destroyed (or take at least 60% damage.)

These vehicles are initially empty. If you can reach the base before the enemy boards the vehicles, they can be destroyed without difficulty.


Completion of this mission has the following effect in the main operation:

  • Two T-72s, a BMP-2, a UAZ, two Ural trucks, and 1 Ural fuel truck will be removed from the advance enemy base at GB59 and GB60. Vehicular scrap is left in its place.

Failing this mission (including taking the other exclusive auxiliary operation) places helicopter wreckage in the area.