Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis
Developer Bohemia Interactive
Publisher Codemasters
Platforms PC
Release dates July 22, 2001

General Information Edit

Operation Flashp☭int: Cold War Crisis is the first game in both the Operation Flashpoint and Armed Assault series. ​The plot follows the occupation of three fictional islands by rogue Soviet forces, with a collection of NATO and Resistance movements trying to re-take them.

Plot Edit

The game starts in 1985, in a NATO camp near Malden. The protagonist, David Armstrong is introduced along with his squad during the training exercise. Switching to James Gastovski, a pilot having a conversation on a telephone about the recent communications cut on Everon. Three NATO helicopters are then sent to the island to investigate, but do not return. Colonel Blake then briefs Sergeant Berghoff’s squad (The squad David is in.) on the situation then sends them to the island, discovering Soviet troops. After a string of being beaten down, Colonel Blake commences a retreat of all forces, though Armstrong is left behind, but is saved by the Everon Freedom and Independence Alliance. He is able to return to Malden after reaching the Partisan base. Robert Hammer, a tank crewman, Sam Nichols a pilot, and Gastovski are then played through their view points. Along a follow-up of successful missions, Armstrong later leads his own squad. Sam Nichols and two other pilots attack Kolgujev, the last Soviet held island, his jet fails and he is captured by Spetsnaz. Before his execution, General Guba, brings one last ultimatum: Leave, or face Nuclear power, then putting Nichols on camera before sending him to a camp, during this, he escapes and makes it back to NATO forces. Infuriated, Guba kills Major Angelina Malevich, showing sorrow as he trusted her. With his forces crippled, Guba orders a SCUD missile to be readied, and a vehicle brought. This however fails when James and his men capture him and destroy the SCUD. Years later, Armstrong, Nichols, Hammer, and Gastovski (The FIA Commander can also come if met at the castle.) meet on Everon for drinks.

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