« That's their top brass? Now I know why they're so fucked up.
Conway's take on Georgious Akhanteros

Conway is the main protagonist of the Prologue campaign in ArmA 3.

Background Edit

A soldier from the U.S. Army's 7th Infantry Division, Conway was one of the many peacekeepers of Task Force Aegis that were stationed on the island nation of the Republic of Altis and Stratis.

He is subordinate to Staff Sergeant Adams, and the two are largely responsible for training Altis Armed Forces recruits, advising their units in the field, and mediating peace talks between AAF and FIA.

A year later after TF Aegis' mandate is restricted and are forced to remain on the smaller island of Stratis only, Conway is one of the few survivors of TF Aegis that managed to survive against the AAF's retaliatory attack.

He is soon appointed by CTRG Captain Scott Miller as the leader of Alpha team (including Kerry), and leads his new squad through several successful missions against the AAF.

Death Edit

Unfortunately for Conway and the rest of TF Aegis, their guerilla-style raids were futile in the end even with their sustained victories against the AAF.

A sudden CSAT counterattack almost completely wipes out the survivors following an all-out attack by the remnants of TF Aegis against the port town of Agia Marina, and forces what's left of the task force to retreat from the island on boats.

However, not long after they just barely manage to escape to the sea, their boats are intercepted and strafed by AAF jets which promptly open fire and capsize both vessels. Conway is caught in the blast, gets knocked overboard, and ultimately drowns at sea.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Conway is a white Caucasian male in his (presumably) mid-twenties with a completely shaved head. His standard outfit consists of MTP-camouflaged fatigues, a ranger green-coloured heavy plate carrier, and a customised Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH).

In contrast to the more stoic Adams, Conway bears a standoffish personality and will loudly voice his disapproval of anyone; often to chagrin of his superiors. He especially bears a dislike for both the AAF and in particular its leader, Georgious Akhanteros, and looks down on them as being uncivilised.

« Adams: 'What is the Sergeant doing?', I hear you ask. Well, in all honesty, I have no idea. Although, I think we can all agree, it's quite a sight to behold.
Conway: Fuck you, Staff Sergeant!
Adams has Conway demonstrate the effects of fatigue by making him run in circles

Conway also harbours a close friendship with Adams, though the latter constantly pokes fun at Conway by making him carry out various (and often ridiculous-looking) training activities in front of the recruits. Nonetheless, the two remain good friends and work more along the lines of equal partners rather than as subordinate and leader.

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  • Although unconfirmed due to the lack of crediting, Conway is possibly voiced by Brian Caspe.

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