« The DShK (Degtyarev-Shpagin Large Calibre) is a Soviet heavy machine gun firing 12.7mm (.50 in) Soviet cartridges. The 'modernized' DShKM version was introduced in 1946. It has been largely replaced by modern NSV and Kord machine guns, but still finds its place in armies and resistance groups the world over.
Armoury Description

DShKM 12.7 mm
Faction - CDF
- Takistani Militia
- Takistani Rebels
Type Heavy Machine Gun
Caliber 12.7×108 mm
Variable (dependent on platform)
Variants None
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The DShKM is a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun that is used by the CDF, ChDKZ insurgents, NAPA rebels, as well as by both Takistani pro-government militia and anti-government rebel forces in ArmA 2.

Overview Edit

The DShKM is a static heavy machine gun that is chambered to fire the 12.7×108 mm cartridge.

It has a rate of fire that can reach up to 600 rounds per minute, and has a muzzle velocity of 850 m/s. The DShKM does not have any optics mounted on it, and relies on a simple circular ironsight for aiming. It has an effective firing range of up to 1,200 metres, and can be mounted onto a lowered or raised tripod.

Ammunition capacity-wise, its loadout depends on the platform that it is being used as; standalone static DShKMs are usually pre-loaded to feed from a single 50-round belt box and have a further three more in reserve. Vehicle-mounted DShKMs on the other hand feed from 150-round boxes instead, with the amount of spare boxes varying depending on the vehicle (i.e. Offroads or T-72s).

A fairly rugged HMG, the DShKM was initially designed to serve as an anti-aircraft platform but also found its use in other roles as well. Though outdated by modern standards, it continues to serve as a reliable anti-infantry/light vehicle weapon. Due to firing the powerful 12.7×108 mm round, it is capable of punching through the armour of even medium armoured vehicles like the BTR-60.

Unlike the modernised KORD HMG however, the DShKM's accuracy leaves much to be desired and has extremely high dispersion the further out a target is. Its fire rate is also slightly lower, being only capable of outputting 600 RPM compared to the KORD's 697.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with all pre-Operation Arrowhead static heavy weapons, in-game ChDKZ/CDF DShKMs cannot be repacked into a man-portable backpack form.
    • This is because the ability to dismantle/reassemble static weapons was only added with the release of the expansion pack, and was not retroactively applied to the original ArmA 2 static weapons (as none of the pre-expansion pack units are able to carry backpacks in the first place).

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