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David Armstrong is the main protagonist in the Cold War Crisis campaign and a recurring character in the ArmA series. He is the only character who appears in all games, arguably making him a central character of the series.

Operation Flashpoint (1985)


Armstrong in ArmA Cold War Crisis.


Armstrong appeared as the protagonist in the scenario mission Ambush, included in the demo of the game. This scenario conflicts with the continuity of the game, and is almost definitely non canonical.

Armstrong is member of Berghoff's squad. Berghoff decides to attack Soviet forces that occupy the north of Malden because they look unprepared. It is planned that the squad attacks Dourdan and Houdan while another squad will attack the west of the island.

Bergoff's Squad conquers Dourdan but is unable to push the Soviets out of Houdan and is destroyed, but Armstrong survives and retreats to the safe zone. 

Cold War Crisis


The setting of the OFP story. Northern island is Kolgujev. Western is Malden and the eastern is Everon.


Armstrong appeared as the first playable character. He is an American private on Malden, who is a member of sergeant Beghoff's Squad. 

The squad participates in the first invasion of Everon. They land near Morton and defeat the Soviet soldiers in the town. After that Armstrong and the squad participates in attack of Regina. The Soviets gain the upper hand when Tank Platoons reinforce them. Soon enough, the Americans are forced to flee from Regina.

Berghoff is later replaced/killed after a Soviet ambush kills his commanding officer. Armstrong's squad later attack Montignac. They either succeed but receive the command to evacuate Everon or fail to capture the town and evacuate, but in both cases his team is killed and he is captured by the Soviets. However, Armstrong is saved by Everonian Partisans. He helps the militia with an ambush, and in turn, they helped him return to Malden. Armstrong promised the Partisans that he'd return.


On Malden he participates in the defence of Malden's coast near La Riviere. Americans are unable to avert Soviet landing and Armstrong has to, along with an officer Fuller, stop the Soviet attack on La Pessagne. They destroy the tank column and prevent fall of the town. This was Armstrong's last fight for some time but his team is tasked to destroy 2 Shilkas near Chapoi and Sainte Marie. This mission is successful and Armstrong is promoted to lieutenant, he then commands his own squad.

The squad participates in the battle of Goisse and destroys the rest of the Soviet forces on Malden. After the battle of Goisse, Armstrong has to guard a column of trucks with supplies against Soviet soldiers who started a partisan war on Malden. He is successful and is invited to meeting with general Blake who leads American forces on Malden Isles. He meets there James Gastovski, Robert Hammer and Sam Nichols. Blake shows them a tape of Soviet general Guba who leads Soviet Soldiers in the area. They find out that Guba revolted against the USSR because he can't stand Gorbachev's reforms. Blake then decided that US Army will attack Everon.


Armstrong and James Gastovski make the contact with the resistance on Everon to get some intelligence data. Armstrong then leads soldiers who are landing in the north of Everon. Units under his command conquer the Airport and Saint Phillippe which they then defend against Soviets. The rest of the island is conquered by other units.


When Everon is liberated from Soviet occupation, Armstrong then leads an invasion of Kolgujev where the Soviet base is located. He leads a paratrooper attack that conquers the southern tip of the island. Guba is later killed or arrested (optional) by Gastovski.

Status Quo (1991)

In May 1991 Armstrong organizes meeting with friends from the war in 1985 to remember old times. He is now captain and leads the NATO forces on Everon. He meets Gastovski, Nichols, Hammer, and the Partisan Commander. They then have a party in a local pub.

ARMA: Armed Assault (2006)


David Armstrong in ArmA: Combat Operations.

Captain David Armstrong is now a commander of American soldiers located on South Sahrani. His units are supposed to train the southern army, the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani (RACS). South Sahrani has bad relationships with its communist neighbor North Sahrani.

ArmA Sahrani Map Large

Sahrani, the setting of ArmA

Just as NATO's mandate is about to end, the Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA) invades South Sahrani, and the American forces are forced to retreat, as they are too weak, and are pushed further into the south. After the loss of Ortego, the remaining forces under Armstrong prepare to set a trap in the city of Dolores. His units destroy all the bridges into town, trapping the SLA tank columns. During the ordeal, Armstrong was possibly wounded. The tanks eventually decide to attack the well defended positions. The SLA receives heavy casualties, but the Americans are forced to once again retreat further inland.

Armstrong later defeats the SLA in the Battle of Somato, and after successfully defending Paraíso, reinforcements arrive, Armstrong is promoted to colonel, and the fresh troops begin their counterattack. The US Army, supported by the RACS, push SLA forces out of Southern Sahrani, and push into the north.

Coalition forces push SLA forces led by Prime Minister Torrez to the SLA capital of Bagango. SLA resistance is tough, but Bagango is surrounded and then conquered, successfully ending the conflict. Torrez is then captured, which sets the stage for the Rahmadi Conflict and Royal Flush.

ArmA 2

Harvest Red (2009)

General Armstrong

General Armstrong congratulates RAZOR Team.

Three years pass, and Armstrong is now a General of the USMC forces. He leads the USMC invasion of Utes Island, where his forces faced off against the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ), an independence group seeking to liberate South Zagoria from the Chernarussian government. It is implied that the USMC discovered war crimes committed against the Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF).

Armstrong's forces were originally ordered to act as peacekeepers in Chernarus, but inevitably, a civil war breaks out. In response, the USMC initiates Operation Harvest Red, in which Marines invade the South Zagoria region of Chernarus, in cooperation with the CDF, in an attempt to capture Akula Lopotev, one of the ChDKZ's higher ups. Razor Team, a Force Recon unit, manage to capture Mikola Bardak, Akula's second in command, and push his forces to the border of Russia. Meanwhile, Armstrong oversees the invasion from USS Khe Sanh.

ArmA2 Chernarus factbook map

Map of Chernarus.

Unfortunately, the USMC is suddenly forced to withdraw after a terrorist attack occurs in the Red Square of Moscow. Russia blames NAPA, a Chernarussian Nationalist Militia Group, for the attack, and intervenes as a result. The USMC's mission is overtaken by the Russian government, that supports the ChDKZ. The civil war rages on.

American forces covertly combat the ChDKZ via Razor Team, who were publicly stated to be Missing In Action. Razor Team manages to capture Lopotev, and turns him in to Russian authorities. They learn that the Red Square Bombing was really perpetrated by the ChDKZ, and Russia leaves the country satisfied. Razor Team is then flown to the USS Khe Sanh where they are congratulated by Gen. David Armstrong for preventing a flashpoint. Celebration ensues, and the events of Operation Arrowhead occur.

ArmA 3 (2035)

Infantry Showcase

Stratis Satellite Map

Stratis, the smaller island in ArmA 3.

David Armstrong appeared as a non-playable character in the first showcase in ArmA 3 (infantry) as the leader of the player's squad, Alpha. However, this appearance is non-canonical.

The East Wind

Armstrong finally reappears as a minor character in the "Win" episode of Arma 3's The East Wind campaign. He now appears as the leader of the 111th Infantry Division, and is in charge of recapturing both Stratis and Altis from AAF forces.

After making contact with the NATO invasion force at the end of the "Adapt" Episode, Kerry is soon greeted by General Armstrong, and flown back to the recaptured Stratis Air Base for debriefing. Immediately after scolding Kerry for his connection with Captain Miller and the CTRG Group 14, Armstrong eventually decides to promote Kerry to Sergeant, and place him back into duty under his command, first under the callsign "Omega", then "Nomad" later on.

After many battles on Altis, NATO forces gain the upper hand against the AAF, and Armstrong plans one final assault on the towns of Sofia and Molos. But as the assault is about to begin, Kerry is contacted by Lieutenant James, Miller's second-in-command. Depending on the player's choice, Armstrong will likely either die in a CSAT Counterattack due to Kerry's interference in CTRG affairs, or become the leader of the Peacekeeping Group on Altis, in coordination with the new legitimate Altian Government. (The latter is canon)

At the final mission, Armstrong orders Kerry to discontinue his escort duties with a journalist and return to base to assist with a "situation". What happens then is unknown.

Apex Protocol

Armstrong is seen in a news report talking with AAF general Georgious Akhanteros, CSAT general Ostad Javeed Attar, and Altian president Nikos Panagopoulos.



  • Armstrong's rank was previously displayed as Colonel in Arma 3 but during The Remnants of War Campaign his rank was changed to General.
  • He is the only character who appeared in all main games in ArmA series.
  • Armstrong appeared only in the main games but not in any expansion packs except for briefly in Arma 3: APEX.
  • Despite being part of the U.S. Army in Cold War Assault (1985) and Combat Operations (2006), Armstrong somehow moves over to the USMC and is a general in ArmA 2, yet in ArmA 3 (2035), he is once again part of an American army infantry division, but as a colonel. This creates a strange line of events that remain unexplained throughout the series.
  • For unexplained reasons, Armstrong does not appear to have aged significantly in the 26 years between ArmA II and ArmA III and is still an active member of the U.S. military despite being at least 68 years old (ArmA III takes place exactly 50 years after the events of Operation Flashpoint).

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