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Flag of North Sahrani

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Map of North Sahrani

The Democratic Republic of Sahrani, or simply North Sahrani, was a communist nation and one of two nations on the island of Sahrani, it began the Sahrani War but was absorbed into the Kingdom of South Sahrani and became part of a united Sahrani after the war's end when it was defeated.


The leader of the DRS was the Prime Minister, who in 2006 was Torrez. The country's capital was Bagango.

International relations

Before the Sahrani War of 2006, the Democratic Republic of Sahrani had poor relations with its southern neighbor and the United States. It is heavily implied that previously during the Cold War they may have been used in a proxy war, the South being supported by the U.S. and the North by the Soviet Union.

Relations were rapidly deteriorating between the two nations and U.S. intervention was required, when the U.S. began to pull out the North decided to launch a full scale invasion on South Sahrani.


42 SLA Soldier

SLA Soldier

During North Sahrani's existence, it had its own armed forces, known as the Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA). Its soldiers wore woodland camouflage clothing as well as tan ballistic vests and green metal helmets, they are outfitted mostly with Soviet-designed weaponry such as the AK-74. Air support is provided by Su-34 multi-role jet aircraft, helicopters used by the SLA include Ka-50s and Mi-8s.

When the SLA invaded South Sahrani they were untested in combat but fought well intially until they were outnumbered by U.S. reinforcements. The SLA was eventually defeated by a combined effort by U.S. and RACS forces.

Natural features

The environment of the Democratic Republic of Sahrani is mainly an environment similar to Europe, in the south there are large grassy plains while in the north it is mountainous with several large forests.

The tallest mountain in North Sahrani is Pisco de Perez which is 758 meters high.

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