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Drawdown 2035
« Tensions grow as NATO peacekeepers prepare to leave the island of Straits. »

Drawdown 2035 is the first mission of Survive in The East Wind campaign in ArmA 3.

The mission starts with Kerry at LZ Connor walking towards a helicopter call sign 'november' to be picked up by Adams and Lacey. After boarding the helicopter it takes off and Kerry notes the AAF lockdown. After this he notes several things including Miller and his UKSF team arriving at Camp Maxwell followed by a conversation with Adams and Lacey as they land at Camp Rogain they notice makinnon in a hunter driving off. When they land Kerry and Adams are ordered to take a HEMTT to kamino. After passing a checkpoint they find makinnon dead and his hunter destroyed, soon radio chatter bursts up as the AAF attack every base on Stratis. Adams and Kerry are ordered back to Camp Rogain as the bases slowly stop updating the player until Adams can't call Rogain. The duo are attacked by an AAF patrol which is quickly killed by the better trained NATO soldiers. After fighting through several more patrols a UH-80 Ghost Hawk tries to pick them up but is shot down by a buzzard. On their own Adams decides to head for a forest despite Kerry's strong dislike of them for unknown reasons.