The Eagle Wing is a bonus campaign in ArmA 2. It is based on an alternate ending of the original singleplayer campaign, Operation Harvest Red. The player still plays the US side like the original campaign, however the player controls a different character.

Plot Edit

The player plays Lieutenant Ed Winter, a AH-64 Apache pilot of the US Navy. The premise of the campaign is an alternate ending not depicted in the original campaign, Operation Harvest Red. The civil war in Chernarus' South Zagoria province has escalated into a full blown war between the US, backing the Chernarus government and Russia, backing the ChDKZ insurgents. The US has sent a battle group to the shores of South Zagoria to aid the Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF) to retake the province before pushing into the Russian border north of the province.

Mission 1: Eagle Wing Edit

Lieutenant Ed Winters pilots his AH-64 Apache behind ChDKZ lines to sneak deep into their territories as the US Navy begins its bombardment of Russian positions. His objective is to intercept Su-25 and helicopter taking off from the main airfield in the northern part of the province. To this end, his Apache has been upgraded to fire AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles instead of the usual Hellfire anti-tank missiles.

He and his gunner, Tim, encountered light resistance along the way near the Podeba Dam, where he overflew Russian armored patrol consisting of BTR-90 and Vodnik. They engaged and destroyed the convoy before proceeding to objective, evading an air patrol along the way.

They shot down several Su-25 as they attempted to take off from the airfield, along with an Mi-24 Hind. They were then instructed to proceed southwest to destroy the mobile command center of the Russian commander of the area. They encountered more resistance from the ground vehicles but eventually eliminated the convoy.

It was after that moment that they received vague and distressed transmission from their command center, ordering all troops to evacuate and seek shelter. Confused, they nonetheless flew back towards the ships in the coast. A nuclear bomb then detonated in the distance.

Mission 2: End of the World Edit

The Apache was badly damaged by the resulting explosion and was forced down. Ed Winters survived the crash but his gunner was killed. Badly shaken, Winters started to make his way to a nearby CDF outpost. Along the way, distant rumbles were heard and tremors shook the ground, Winter realized that the war has escalated to a nuclear war.

In the outpost, Winters managed to initially find several dead bodies and vehicles. When he encountered a living CDF soldier however, the supposedly friendly soldier shot at him, forcing Winters to kill him. Winters then wondered if everyone had gone mad from the events. He then decided to try to reach other nearby CDF outposts he had marked on the map.

He encountered several active ChDKZ patrols, armed with various weapons. With his MP5 sub machine gun running out of ammunition, Winters swapped his weapon for those he found on the field, scavenging ammunition along the way.

He was dismayed to find more and more hostile camps. The CDF camps have been occupied by ChDKZ insurgents, though it is not clear whether they were still under the control of the ChDKZ or had decided to take matters into their own hands after the nuclear detonation.

Winters eventually reached the last, furthest camp from his crash site after gunning down numerous ChDKZ soldiers. He spotted a solitary figure in the distance who did not seem to be hostile, but when he approached the man, shouting for help, the man disappeared inside a small house. Winters decided to follow him inside.

Winters was surprised by an armed Russian Spetsnaz team leader and made to drop his weapon. After discussing, Winters was 'welcomed' to the group the team leader and the man he spotted earlier were part of. They were almost all Russian personnel, consisting of the remnants of a Spetsnaz team, a helicopter pilot and the man, a Chernarus citizen.

Winters was understandably nervous, but the team leader assured him that he and his men preferred his company over the ChDKZ soldiers, who he considered to be barbaric. The team leader cautioned Winters not to attempt to betray the group as he will be dealt accordingly. The band of soldiers made their way to a nearby village to acquire a truck. Their plan is to drive the truck to a nearby town of Balota to find a boat which will take them to a shelter in the island of Utes.

They eliminated resistance in the village and got themselves an operable truck. They drove the truck to the said town. Along the way, it was revealed that the Russian pilot was the copilot of the Mi-24 Winters shot down earlier, after which he warned Winters to stay on his good side. They reached Balota only to encounter heavy fighting between some remnants of Russian forces and the CDF. They had to shoot through both groups, eventually reaching the docks. There, they encountered a US Marine officer (referred to as Blufor), shouting at Winters to jump in. The leader orders Winters to kill the Marine, as he doesn't know how to get to Utes. Here, the player has a choice: kill the Marine, or run for the boat and join him. If the player does as told and kills the Marine, the Russian Leader praises Winters and states he is glad he can be trusted. If the player runs for the Boat and attempts to board with the Marine, the group shoots the marine instead, and warns Winters that they will kill him if he performs a similar action in the future.

It was then found however that the boat was damaged. The team leader ordered one of his man, the sniper, to fix the boat and give his KSVK rifle to Winters. The rest of the team covered the sniper as hostile men, also intent to take the boat, approached the group.

The boat was fixed, but it was leaking and cannot take all of them. One of them has to stay behind. The Chernarussian was ordered to go, as he is the only one who knows the way to Utes. The Russian pilot initially suggested Winters to stay, but the team leader decided that all the rest of them were "fair game". The pilot protested initially but was silenced by the team leader and made to draw matches along with the rest of the group. The one who drew the shortest match stick has to stay and protect the rest "like a true hero", according to the team leader.

Endings Edit

The result of the draw determines which of the three endings that will play. The following are the different possibilities based on who drew the shortest match:

1) Ed Winters (Endless Waiting) Edit

Winters voices his outrage, stating that they were a team and can't leave him, to which the leader replies that war is not fair and bids him farewell. Winters then watches as the boat leaves, before looking back at the docks and seeing approaching enemies. The player was made to fight off endless group of hostiles, though it will be an endless wait (forcing the player to press 'Skip') to end the campaign.

2) The Helicopter Pilot (Enemy Wins) Edit

The pilot protested and drew his weapon at the player. The others in the group pointed their weapons at the pilot. Again, this would turn out to be a 'suspended' ending, forcing the player to press 'Skip'.

3) Someone Else (Escape Way) Edit

The team leader would remark what a pity it was, but that is the way of war. The group set sail while the chosen man defended them until he was overrun by the enemy. The credits then rolls.

If the player chooses not to skip the credit, the player would find his/her in-game name in the credits. The credits depict a worldwide exchange of nuclear weapons in the background, presumably annihilating life on the planet. It will also be revealed that Utes was struck by a nuclear weapon in the end, and perhaps staying was indeed a better choice.

Certain glitches can be exploited so that the player get ahead and sail with the Marine officer that the group was scripted to kill. This, however will not complete the mission and thus not an ending.

Trivia Edit

  • The campaign depicts a US Navy AH-64 Apache armed with Sidewinder missiles. In reality, the US Navy or Marines do not operate the Apache, instead they use the AH-1Z gunship. Even if they do, the Apache is not equipped with Sidewinder missiles, having Hellfires instead. The developers might choose the Apache because the AH-1Z, while can be armed with Sidewinders, cannot carry eight as depicted in the campaign. The Apache is also better armored and thus more suited for the first mission.
  • In the original developer's cut version of the campaign, Ed Winters piloted a RAH-66 Comanche added by a mod. Though in order to release the campaign officially, the Comanche was replaced with an AH-64 Apache.
  • The 'special' Apache is interestingly not found directly in the mission editor, but may be accessed using codes or modifying the 'normal' Apache to carry 8 Sidewinders.
  • Also of particular note is the survival of the truck and boat in the second mission. Almost every other vehicle is destroyed by the first blast, and those that survive are inoperable. This is because nuclear weapons can short out a vehicles' circuit unless it is protected. For some reason, the truck and the boat were operable. This is likely a matter of practicality to the developers, as walking or cycling from the village to Balota and using rubber craft to sail to Utes is improbable at best.
  • Bohemia Interactive confirmed in the Armaverse Timeline that "Eagle Wing" preemptive strike was cancelled by Pentagon and never happens