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The Freedom and Independence Army (FIA) is an independent guerrilla resistance primarily composed of ex-military defectors who have united against the Altis Armed Forces (AAF) following the 2026 Kavala coup d'etat.

Overview Edit

« Believed to be chiefly composed of former and defected members of the Altis Armed Forces, disparate fragments of opposition to the 2026 Kavala coup d'etat joined together in the grind of bloody civil war.

United in pursuit of the removal of the military-backed government and the rejection of external influence - despite recent setbacks - the FIA have begun to gain traction among the largely displaced population of the Republic and has found international support in the west.

Although the exact size of the FIA remains unknown - with evidence of cells operating across the entirety of Altis - they have remained a veritable thorn in the Pyrgos government’s side. As to the question of their namesake, rumours harken back to stories of resistance cells of the same name opposing Soviet occupation at the height of the Cold War.


Operation Flashpoint Edit

Resistance (1982) Edit

The FIA acted against the Soviet army on Nogova.

Cold War Crisis (1985) Edit

The FIA were present on Everon and Kolgujev.

ArmA 3 (2035)Edit

History Edit

2015-03-22 00005


The Freedom and Independence Army (FIA) is a guerrilla force organized by defecting Altian Armed Forces (AAF) officers who disobeyed orders to kill civilians during the Kavala protests in Altis. Their goal is to fight against the AAF and unseat the power of Altian Prime Minister Agathe Klamenis. The FIA began as an insurgency, unorganized and consisting of mainly former AAF soldiers and civilian locals engaging in guerrilla warfare against the AAF. After the Jerusalem Cease Fire of 2030, however, with intelligence directly indicating the Altian Government negotiating for arms trade with CSAT, it is believed that Israel began arming FIA insurgents to fight a possible CSAT military alliance with the AAF. During this period, the FIA became much more capable of holding territory, and gained a better foothold in the war after capturing Syrta and several other villages east of Kavala. However, NATO peacekeeping operations forced the FIA limit engagements with the AAF to prevent crossfire and possible engagements with American and British units on the island.

In early 2035, as US and British peacekeepers began a drawdown to focus on operations in the Pacific, the FIA stepped up recruiting and tactical operations yet again, making guerrilla strikes on AAF forces. When the Altian Government, collaborating with CSAT, ordered its troops to attack NATO forces, the FIA launched a significant guerrilla campaign against the AAF and CSAT forces present on Altis and Stratis. Israeli Mossad and IDF Special Forces are rumored to have been sent to the island in order to train and equip FIA personnel to fight the CSAT-AAF forces on the island.

After the events of "The East Wind", the FIA was disbanded with the creation of the New Altian Army.

Equipment and weaponry Edit

Although having limited access to former AAF assets smuggled from defecting soldiers, the FIA mainly relies on the equipment smuggled in from arms dealers around the Mediterranean. As a closeby and supporting entity, Israel unofficially is believed to supply the TRG-21's, M2 machine guns, AT weapons, grenades, night vision goggles, and ammunition to FIA forces through various trade routes and surrogate underground arms dealers. However, about half of the FIA's equipment has been gained through the capture of CSAT and AAF weapon armories. Weapons like the Mk20 (Modified F2000A assault rifle) and TRG-21 (2022 variant of the Israeli TAR-21) make up the main armories for FIA insurgents.

Vehicles Edit

The FIA primarily relies on civilian vehicles for transportation. Offroad pickups are often used with M2 machine guns mounted in the truck bed.

In some cases the FIA has captured AAF and CSAT vehicles such as the Strider and Ifrit for use in larger-scale operations.

Notes Edit

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