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Faction AAF
Type IFV
Seats 10 (1 x Driver, 1 x Commander, 1 x Gunner, 7 x Passengers)
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed ~60 km/h
Fuel capacity 770 L
Primary armament 1x 30mm Cannon (140 Rnds HE-MP, 60 Rnds AP)
Secondary armament - 1x 7.62mm Coaxial Machine Gun (2x 1000 Rnds)
Variants None

The Mora is the AAF's primary tracked infantry fighting vehicle in ArmA 3.


« The FV-720 Mora is an infantry fighting vehicle used by the AAF. They were bought by the AAF from British Armed Forces and reconditioned to serve two more decades. The Mora is armed with a 30mm cannon and a coaxial machine gun, providing not only competent carrying capacity but also reliable fire support.
Field Manual


  • The Mora is based on the real-world "FV510 Warrior" IFV.
  • Mora is an ancient Greek term for a Spartan military unit of that is usually comprised of heavy infantry.


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