Flashlights are tactical weapon-mounted torches.

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When switched on, the flashlight emits a beam of light that is capable of illuminating darker areas. However the user risks exposing themselves as the light beam is easy to spot, especially in areas with little to no illumination.

ArmA 2 Edit

In earlier titles, the attachment was mounted on specific weapons by default (such as the XM8 or Mk16/Mk17 families of rifles). They could not be removed and were apart of the weapon's functionality.

ArmA 3 Edit

With the exception of certain weapons like the Vermin SMG, any weapon in ArmA 3 with a compatible side rail could be fitted with a flashlight. The flashlight acts like any other removable attachment and can be stored inside the player's inventory or swapped with an IR laser pointer instead.

Trivia Edit

  • Lights emitted by flashlights in ArmA 3 are relatively weak in comparison to most present day flashlights and projects a relatively short range beam.
  • The ArmA 3 Flashlight is based on the real-life "UTG 400" tactical flashlight made by Michigan-based company Leapers, Inc.
  • On the other hand, the sole flashlight that is available for use on certain handguns is based on the "TLR-3" compact rail pistol flashlight designed by Streamlight.

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