Faction NATO
Type Logistics transport
Seats 16+2 Driver
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed 83 km/h
Fuel capacity Unknown
Primary armament None
Secondary armament None
Variants - Covered cargo

- Fuel carrier
- Ammo carrier
- Mechanic supplies carrier


The HEMTT (full name: Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) is NATO's primary logistics transport vehicle. It can be used to transport & heal soldiers, repair, refuel and rearm vehicles. The transport version can come as uncovered or covered.


« The Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck is an 8x8 diesel-powered off-road truck. It servers as a standard heavy transport vehicle for BLUFOR armies. There are several versions covering the basic transport functions: cargo, refuel, medical, repair, and ammo resupply. »


  • It has been nicknamed "Dragon Wagon" by personnel within the US Army.


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