The HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-purpose Vehicle, better known as Humvee) is a series of military vehicles first developed in 1979 by AM General and was introduced to the US Army in 1981 and is currently in service with many countries including the United States.

Arma2-render-HMMWV armored
Faction United States
Type Light armor
Seats 4-5
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed Unknown
Fuel capacity Unknown
Primary armament M240 GPMG
Mk 19 GMG
Secondary armament None

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There are four different versions of the HMMWV depicted in Armed Assault, an unarmed version, a version armed with a M2 machinegun, a Mk 19 armed version and the TOW armed version.

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« The High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) has replaced the M151 ‘Willys’ jeep in US Army service. The HMMWV was designed to fill myriad roles, including that of light tactical commander's vehicle, special purpose shelter carrier, and mobile weapons platform. The HMMWV is equipped with a high performance diesel engine and four wheel drive, making it capable of traversing very difficult terrain. This one is armed with an M240 7.62 mm machine gun. »

In its ArmA 2 iteration the Humvee does not change much, with the exclusion of being moved to an improved game engine. ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead introduces tan colored variants. Variants with remote weapon turrets are also new to this edition of the game.

Versions / Variants Edit


This is the most basic HMMWV in the game, it is unarmed and only has enough room for four people, one driver and three passengers. It is not advised to drive this through a combat zone as it is best used behind friendly lines to transport personnel. The two seating positions in the front are vulnerable to weapons fire through the windscreen.


This version of the HMMWV is armed with an M2 heavy machinegun. It also seats an extra man as the gunner but the gunner position is highly exposed to enemy fire. The M2 does add offensive capability that is useful against small groups of enemy personnel. A large group of infantry or enemy armour will decrease a HMMWV's chance of survival considerably.

HMMWV Mk 19 Edit

The Mk 19 version of the HMMWV is probably one of the more useful combat versions in Armed Assault. The Mk 19 GMG (Grenade Machine Gun) can deal with large amounts of infantry quickly and can also easily kill exposed enemies in vehicles such as the UAZ. This weapon also has a small anti-armour capability but it takes many shots to take out a BMP-2 for example. Like with other variants if the player runs into an enemy tank such as the T-72 while driving it is advised to flee the situation or abandon the vehicle depending on the circumstances.


The HMMWV TOW is the anti-armour version of the HMMWV, it is armed with a BGM-71 TOW (Tube-launched Optically-tracked Wire-guide) anti tank missile launcher, while it is good against enemy armour, it's slow firing rate and low ammunition capacity make the TOW terrible against infantry. This variant is best used to "snipe" vehicles from afar.

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