Mk17 Holosight

Mk17 Holosight

Holosights are a type of non-magnifying optical sight.

ArmA 2 Edit

As with all weapon attachments with previous titles in the series, holosights were fixed to their weapon and were often mounted on the M4A1/M16A4 and Mk16/Mk17 families of assault rifles. Such weapons were usually named with a 'Holo' suffix at the end of their display name to signify that they were fitted with holographic sights.

ArmA 3 Edit

With the implementation of the dynamic weapon attachment system in ArmA 3, the Mk17 Holosight was introduced and serves as an alternative to the ACO, where it is commonly attached to carbines such as the MXC. A dedicated SMG variant is also available for mounting on submachine guns like the Vermin SMG.

The Mk17 is available in either a black, desert sand, or green khaki finish.

Trivia Edit

  • The Holosight in ArmA 3 is based on the real-life "Model XPS3" holographic weapon sight made by EOTech.
  • Holosights in ArmA 2 and its expansions also feature various holographic weapon sights made by EOTech. Examples include the "Model 556" on the CZ 805, or the "Model 552" on the M4A1 and L85.

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