Holosights are a type of non-magnifying weapon optics.

ArmA 2 Edit

Faction - USMC
- U.S. Army
- British Army
Type Holographic Sight
Magnification None
Zeroing range 100-200 m
Variants Variable; dependent on weapon and faction


Holographic Sights are featured in ArmA 2 and its expansions.

Design Edit

As with all weapon attachments with previous titles in the series, holosights were fixed to their weapon and were often mounted on the M4A1/M16A4 and Mk16/Mk17 families of assault rifles.

Such weapons were usually named with a 'Holo' or 'HWS' suffix at the end of their display name to signify that they were fitted with holographic sights. All holosight models used a simple red 2-Dot Ring reticle.

In contrast to red dot sights such as the CCO red dot or Russian Kobra collimator sights, Holosights are zeroed specifically for short range firefights and close quarters combat.

As a result, their usefulness typically falls off rapidly for longer ranged engagements at distances of 200 m and beyond.

Camouflage Edit

  • Black: Matte black paint finish.
  • Tan: Desert tan paint finish.
  • Desert: Desert camouflage spraypaint.
  • Woodland: Woodland camouflage spraypaint.

Trivia Edit

  • Holosights in ArmA 2 and its expansions feature various holographic weapon sights made by EOTech.
    • Examples include the "Model 556" on the CZ 805, or the "Model 551" and "Model 552" holosights that can be found on M4A1 carbines and L85 assault rifles.

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ArmA 3 Edit

Mk17 Holosight
Mk17 Holosight
Faction All
Type Holographic Sight
Magnification None
Zeroing range Standard variants:
  • 200 m (fixed)

SMG variants:

  • 100 m (fixed)
Variants Mk17 Holosight, Mk17 Holosight SMG

The Mk17 Holosight is a non-magnifying holographic sight featured in ArmA 3.

Design Edit

With the implementation of the dynamic weapon attachment system in ArmA 3, the Mk17 Holosight was introduced and serves as an alternative to the ACO, where it is commonly attached to carbines such as the MXC.

A dedicated SMG variant is also available for mounting on submachine guns like the Vermin SMG.

Variants Edit

  • Mk17 Holosight: Standard variant. Has a fixed zeroing range set to 200 m. It uses a red 2-Dot Ring reticle.
  • Mk17 Holosight SMG: Close quarters combat variant with a fixed zeroing of 100 m range. Unlike the standard variant, it uses a red Cross-Dot reticle instead.

Camouflage Edit

  • Sand: Standard desert sand paint finish.
  • Black: Matte black finish.
  • Khaki: Light khaki green paint finish.

Trivia Edit

  • The Holosight in ArmA 3 is based on the real-life "Model XPS3" holographic weapon sight made by EOTech.

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