Faction NATO
Type Armoured Personnel Carrier
Seats 11 (1 x Driver, 1 x Gunner, 1 x Commander, 8 x Passengers)
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed ~ 60 km/h
Fuel capacity 1885 L
Primary armament 1x Remote RCWS 12.7mm HMG/40mm GMG (1x 500 Rnds/1x 96 Rnds HE)
Secondary armament 1x Smoke Generator (2 Charges)
Variants - IFV-6a Cheetah

- CRV-6e Bobcat


The IFV-6c Panther is a tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier used by NATO forces.

Overview Edit

  • Role:
    • Troop transport
    • Fire support
« While both the IFV-6c Panther and IFV-6a Cheetah are based on the Israeli armored personnel carrier chassis, they each serve very distinct roles in combat. The Panther is an APC that boasts strong armor to achieve maximal protection for transported personnel. The standard Panther is armed with an RCWS HMG, 40mm GMG, and smoke grenade launchers. In addition to its crew, 8 soldiers can be transported in the cargo area.
Field Manual

Trivia Edit

  • The Panther is based on the real-world "Namer" APC designed by IMI Systems Ltd of Israel.
  • Screenshots released during the pre-Alpha phase of ArmA 3's development indicated that the Panther, along with several other vehicles that are now used by NATO, was originally meant to be a CSAT vehicle instead. However, the Panther was eventually superseded with the BTR-K Kamysh for use by CSAT by the time of the Alpha and Beta's release.

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