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ION Services, Incorporated is an American private military company. It is better known by its former name of Black Element.


Black Element, a predecessor of ION, Inc., was founded in January 1998 as a private aviation security agency based in the Carolinas. The company expanded into the security service market, especially after the expansion of U.S. military activity after 2001. By acquisition of rival security companies it became one of the largest private security companies.

After a series of incidents involving the Black Element contractors the company was acquired by Montreal-based company Vrana Corp Industries in 2010. It was renamed ION, Inc. on October 1, 2010 due to the "Black Element" name being tainted and thus a liability.


2007: Royal Flush (ArmA: Armed Assault)Edit

In 2007, a year after the unification of Sahrani, a Black Element team (codenamed Royal Flush) was hired by Isabella Ximénez, Queen of Sahrani, who was facing increasing insurgency on the northern part of the island after the death of her father, King Joseph III and her brother, Prince Orlando in a helicopter crash.

The mission of Royal Flush was to help with quelling the insurgency and to seize the chemical weapons believed to be in hands of the rebels. However, they discovered that the rebels are led by Prince Orlando who survived the accident. He revealed the fact that Queen Isabella was a ruthless leader, putting the people to concentration camps.

Facing these facts, the Royal Flush team decided to violate the orders and help the rebels instead. With their help, the rebels quickly gain the upper hand and start liberating the political prisoners. Under the guise of making peace, Queen Isabella baits Prince Orlando into a trap, and kills him. The remaining members of Royal Flush are forced to steal an airplane to escape the island while Black Element labels them as rogue contractors and denies any responsibility for their action.

2009: Harvest Red (ArmA 2)Edit

Little is known about the Black Element operations in Chernarus. They were involved in a series of controversial incidents, including the death of several Chernarussian civilians in Elektrozavodsk which caused worldwide disapproval of Black Element presence in the region. In 2010, Black Element lost the U.S. government contract for operations in the Green Sea region.

2013: Operation Black Gauntlet (ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead)Edit

Following Operation Crimson Lance, ION, Inc. got the new contract to provide an escort for a UN inspection team which arrived to war-torn Takistan to search the remnants of abandoned Takistani nuclear program. The team is a target of hostilities from the beginning, both from the New Takistani Army as well as the former rebels who have became hostile to the Western presence. Even the U.S. forces in the area show little sympathy to the ION.

The team is under attack from the beginning as they have to fight off the rebel attack on the airport before their clients can arrive there. They are then sent to Zargabad to interrogate an informant, but find themselves under attack by the New Takistani Army shortly after and are forced to evacuate.

They fight their way through highly unstable central Takistan and recover the weapons-grade nuclear material which is to be sent to analysis to determine its origin. However, some top people of ION, Inc. are contacted by a foreign government who clandestinely supplied Takistan with nuclear materials. Based on the fear that the revelation of foreign support of the Takistani nuclear program will cause global political and economic crisis it is decided to stop the inspectors before their discovery is made public.

ION, Inc. contractors set the ambush which kills the inspection team. The rebel factions are blamed for the attack, all evidences of foreign involvement in a nuclear program is destroyed while ION, Inc. secures more security contracts and expands its activities.

2035: Altis and Stratis (ArmA 3)Edit

In 2035, ION, along with Vrana Corp Industries, still exists, and does training exercises on the Mediterranean islands of Altis and Stratis. Several mercenaries with the ION logo on their clothes are also seen on Altis during the "Status Quo" ending.